According to the World Economic Forum, another 136 years will be necessary before the female gender have the same career opportunities as the male gender. Although we have come a long way as a society, we must continue our efforts to make it clear that there are no “women’s professions” or “men’s professions.” The #REBELSFORCHANGE campaign is an example of that.

We asked a group of boys and girls to order some objects according to who they think they are. A broom, a hair dryer, a soccer ball… they placed objects with a very strong gender stigma. But we also asked them to assign professional instruments such as a microscope, an astronaut helmet, an engineering helmet… Where do you think they put these objects? And where would you place these objects?


We are taking on this role… to Change Tomorrow Now!

Several studies show that some stereotypes – which confirm whether a man or a woman is a better “fit” for a given job – are powerful and can bias a whole host of employment outcomes. For example, they influence a boy or girl’s chances of dreaming of a particular profession; that a man or woman applies for certain job; that he or she will be hired; the remuneration that women or men would receive and even performance evaluations that determine promotions.

Only 35% of the women in the world pursue a STEM career.


As a socially responsible company, to achieve all our objectives, we intend to attract, develop, and retain different profiles, assuming diversity as an enabling and differentiating factor of innovation, which is fundamental in our organization.

At the same time, we are promoting this work inside our company, we challenge you to reflect about this topic and promote this change in our society. We believe that the only one who can change the world, is whoever can change themselves. Are you ready to reflect about this topic, with us?

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26,6% of EDP Group employees are women

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26% women in leadership positions

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31,1% women in STEAM areas

The #REBELSFORCHANGE are women who are guided by their dreams.

Women who are guided by their dreams put aside gender stereotypes. But multiple studies show that the lack of female references will make many girls give up their dreams, or even not get to know them.

Teachers, nurses, dancers… they have dozens of these references, but having an engineer as a female reference is not so easy.


EDP will support this transformation and share references through our own employees.

Using our employees, we want to show these girls real experiences of what they can do and be. And only then, they will be able to do what they want to be when they grow up.

Ana Isabel Cuenca

Ana Isabel Cuenca

Engineering & Construction

"Today, more than ever, we must demand that women be given the role that corresponds to them and that they deserve"

Paula Fernández-Felechosa

Paula Fernández-Felechosa

Electrical & Control Technology

"It is important that there are women at all job levels, such as mechanical engineers or maintenance technicians in wind farms"

Claire Harvey

Claire Harvey

Energy Engineering

"Be curious, be confident, don't be afraid of failing, and care less of what people think of you"

Maria Nogueira

Maria Nogueira

Data Scientist

"It's increasingly important to be exposed to different realities from a young age, to learn about the wide range of available professions that might make sense"


The testimony of those who are part of the movement

STEM stands for...

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changing the world from inside a lab

Laboratory activities, research & developmentLaboratory activities, research & development

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digitalization is fulcral for the future

organisation, processes and digitalisation, innovation, apps and systems, organisation and processes

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developing solutions to make the world greener

conventional and renewable energy, energy planning and management, climate and environment

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Maths/ statistics

analysing the world to make it fairer

laboratory activities, research & development

Are you


More than awareness and education, this campaign also serves to meet real #REBELSFORCHANGE who are not yet with us. During this initiative, we will have some opportunities open for all #REBELSFORCHANGE to share their CV with us. With the support of our team, perhaps you will find your way in the EDP Group, among all the opportunities we have.

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What can I do?

If you have come this far, it is because you believe that a sustainable world is possible. You understand that you are part of that change and you are looking for a way to do it.

Also, if you are a grandmother/grandfather, mother/father, sister/brother, cousin, friend or colleague of someone of the female gender (child, teenager or adult), you should also read the tips we have for you.

Our tips

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Become a STEM girl

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