Top Employer certification
Top Employer 2023
Paula Carneiro, Head of People Experience Unit at EDP Group

This certification is a source of great pride, reflecting EDP's commitment to evolving as a global, agile and efficient organization, with an approach centered on its people.

We live in unprecedented times and it is with great satisfaction that we receive this prestigious certification that reinforces our position as an employer of first choice and also our commitment to delivering a meaningful experience to our people, thus contributing to change tomorrow now.”

Paula Carneiro - Head of P&OD

The Top Employer Institute once again certified EDP group as one of the best companies to work: in Portugal, and EDP Renewables in several countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Brazil, and for the first time Greece, and Colombia - having achieved the Top Employer Europe certification.

Evaluated in 20 different areas, we stood out in several topics, such as Talent acquisition, Performance, Engagement and Digital HR, receiving the maximum score in the areas of Business Strategy and Ethics and Integrity.

This recognition reinforces our commitment to creating an increasingly healthy, balanced and inclusive work environment, responding to new global trends and personal and professional needs, placing people at the centre of its strategy.

Infographic Top Employer with EDP fields
Infographic Top Employer field of Steer (business strategy, people strategy, leadership) and Shape (organization and change, digital hr, work environment)
Infographic Top Employer field of Atract (employer branding, talent acquisition, onboarding) and Develop (performance, career, learning)
Infographic Top Employer field of Engage (well-being, engagement, rewards and recognition, offboarding) and Unite (values, ethics and integrity, sustainability, diversity and inclusion)

In 2022, we developed several initiatives and tools with the aim of valuing and investing in the continuous improvement of the work experience of all employees. This has been adopted as a purpose, in practice involving global human skills, a new learning and development experience, and mental and physical health campaigns, as well as various programmes that aim to attract young talents, such as the EDP Trainee Program.

The Top Employer Institute is responsible for awarding this seal of excellence and has over 30 years of experience. The demanding analysis involved in the annual process it organises evaluates around 350 people management practices in different areas of the business. This award recognises EDP group's commitment to promoting an increasingly positive work experience in a global, agile and efficient organisation, focused on its people and its ambition to change tomorrow now.

photo of Paula Saiote
The flexibility that exists in the EDP Group gives me the opportunity to work in an organizational culture that is based on confidence in the quality of my work while finding a balance between my personal and professional life. It also gives me more openness with my direct line manager about how I accomplish my goals, how they assess my needs and give me individual recognition to optimize my performance.Paula Saiote, Digital Global Unit, HR Management at EDP
photo of Jose Salgado Cabrero
EDP carries out activities focused on workers' health, and in my case, I can verify this through preventive physiotherapy in the workplace, during working hours. Jose Salgado Cabrero, Operational Management Committee, Joint Prevention Service at EDP Spain
photo of Samanta Souza Roberto
I have had a routine collaboration with the EDP's Sustainability team in Lisbon for many years, so experiencing mobility and being able to interact face-to-face with these colleagues for 3 months was extremely enriching. We work with a global theme, so being able to exchange perspectives from Brazil and Europe, and follow the discussions from the Group's vision was very important for my repertoire as a professional in the area of sustainability. Samanta Souza Roberto, Ethical and Responsible Development at EDP Brazil

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