For the development of our communities

EDP actively contributes to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates worldwide, through its own social investment and collaborative initiatives, donations and volunteering. As social impact is a strategic pillar of the EDP group, these initiatives aim to meet social needs in line with the group's core themes.


Countries with social investment by EDP Group in 2023

Social Investment Map
Social Investment Map
Social Investment Map

In 2022, the EDP Y.E.S - You Empower Society brand was created, whose main objective is to communicate to the various stakeholders of the EDP group the social investment projects developed in the countries where EDP is present. The projects are classified into five main Pillars: Energy, Planet, Skills, Culture and Community, which are framed within the thematic focuses of EDP's social investment strategy. 


Decarbonising, leaving nobody behind

With the main focus on a Just Energy Transition, we will invest in initiatives targeting the fight against energy poverty, promoting the access to energy and energy efficiency, and implementing solutions for access to solar energy or electrical mobility. A target where we are investing more than 300 million euros until 2030 via our new global social investment programme.

you empower society
We want to make a difference
beneficiary entities (in 2023)
direct beneficiaries (in 2023)
Voluntary investment in the EDP Group's communities (in 2023)
Employees involved in volunteer activities (in 2023)

How do we measure our investment in the community?

We use the international method B4SI - Business for Societal Impact - to evaluate our voluntary investment in the community.

Proud to be
Proud to be
Proud to be
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group
Contributions to the community (K€) Form of contribution
EDP group Cash
16 940
17 751
19 299
17 486
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Time (volunteering time)
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group In-kind
8 700
1 845
1 764
2 858
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Total
26 211
19 857
21 274
20 654
Contributions to the community (K€)Driver for contribution
EDP group Charitable gifts
2 138
1 735
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Community investment
24 038
18 636
19 531
19 674
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Commercial Initiatives
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Total
26 211
19 857
21 275
20 654
Contributions to the community (K€) Nature of the contribution
EDP group Education
1 916
2 478
1 679
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Health
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Economic development
1 909
1 033
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Environment
3 017
2 414
1 125
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Arts and Culture
10 961
5 625
8 474
7 647
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Social welfare
5 569
6 104
6 271
2 432
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Emergency relief
6 144
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Others
2 646
1 310
2 201
1 313
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Total
26 211
19 858
21 275
20 654
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Management costs
6 850
11 376
1 283
Contributions to the community (K€)
EDP group Total value of contributions (including management costs)
33 060
31 233
22 558
21 208
Projects of social investment
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A2E Fund
With this programme we support renewable energy programmes that promote environmental, social, and economic development of rural communities in developing countries.
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We cannot have a more sustainable world without social justice. Therefore, volunteering plays a crucial role in building sustainability and changing tomorrow, now.

EDP Foundations

We are committed to changing tomorrow now.
Together with non-profit institutions, we aim to create a positive impact on communities and society.

Fundação EDP em Beja

Fundação EDP (PT)

employees wearing edp t-shirt

Fundación EDP (SP)

children seated

Instituto EDP (BR)

Respect Human Rights at all times

The EDP Group's Human Rights Policy implements the Due Diligence management system in line with the UN Guiding Principles, the OECD frameworks and the ILO conventions. We set up internal responsibilities, procedures and organizational structures.

For this reason, we set up a Human and Labor Rights Policy and we report our risks and achievements.

The scope of Human Rights respect includes EDP own workforce, local communities, suppliers and customers. We pay special attention to vulnerable people, energy poverty, to employment, just transition and access to energy. We implement Human Rights Due Diligence to all our direct suppliers, cooperating with industry level initiatives to assure that indirect suppliers comply with human rights.

We want to make a difference
fatal accidents for workers and suppliers until 2025
of women workers until 2025
 of the purchasing volume aligned with EDP's diversity targets by 2026
 suppliers Human Rights compliant (annual recurring target)
Discover our universe
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Ethics Channel
Ethics is a constant thought of man before his action. EDP's identity is based on essential ethical principles.
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EDP is committed to creating a better future, and procurement is one of the pillars for achieving this goal.
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Y.E.S. You empower society
This program will allow us to aggregate more than 300 projects of social responsibility that are being developed worldwide.

Building the future as a team

We believe that success is only possible with alignment between the company,stakeholders, employees, but also suppliers and customers. therefore, we govern ourperformance based on the belief that:

-We are responsible for the communities and seek a just transition

-We arefocused on customer services such as energy efficiency, mobility,and decentralisedenergy

-We are responsible for our employees and suppliers

Changing the tomorrow, today is a mission that needs all of us.


The importance of a fair transition

As we have made the commitment to be Coal Free by 2025, we have assumed the responsibility to work with governments and local authorities to promote the Just Transition in the affected regions. Decarbonisation cannot leave anyone behind and so we have drawn up plans to minimise the negative repercussions on local employment.

We work with our stakeholders
We foster closeness and trust with our stakeholders. Listening, understanding, and collaborating with our stakeholders allows us to anticipate challenges, minimise business risks and create opportunities.

We help decarbonise our customers' consumption

We work continuously with society and our customers, raising awareness and promotingservices that contribute to the reduction of emissions and energy efficiency. Therefore, in aliberalised and regulated market, we have a diversified offer of products and services thatwill help us change, tomorrow, today.

We are people centred

We want to evolve as a global, agile,and efficient organisation. To this end, we have anapproach centred on our people and on attracting, developing,and retaining the skillsnecessary to face the challenges of the future. We are, also, committed to diversity: Webelieve that difference enriches and adds, it is a catalyst for innovation.

Discover our Diversity Policy
Our goals for 2025
1.5% people with disabilities (2022)
3.6% of employees working outside their country of origin (2022)
27.5% female representation (2022)
of leadership positions occupied by Generation Y (2022)

For the well-being of our people

Because people are at the heart of our business, we wantto ensure the well-being ofeveryone who works at EDP. For this reason, we have developed and implemented a globalwellness strategy, based on five fundamental dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional,social, professional,and financial.