The Health and Safety of all those who contribute to the development of the activities of the companies which are part of the EDP Group, workers, suppliers, Contractors, customers and other stakeholders is deemed a key value and a priority for the success of EDP as a business Group. The consolidation of a positive safety culture is only possible with the participation and involvement of everyone in a participatory and collaborative attitude towards safety at work.

People are at the centre of the EDP Group’s strategic agenda, which assumes the responsibility of ensuring the necessary conditions for its adaptation to the new demands of work motivated by the evolution of the business and the digitization of processes, particularly in matters related to Occupational Health and Safety.

EDP makes a commitment based on the principles for sustainable development and, through applying the highest ethical standards, exceptional performance levels will be achieved making the EDP Group an increasingly better place to work.


The EDP Commitment

The corporate management of the EDP Group is determined to constantly strengthen the culture of Occupational Health and Safety, by developing awareness, deepening willingness and making available the resources required for:

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment guaranteed to prevent adverse health effects;
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and other requirements voluntarily undertaken by the EDP Group;
  • Promoting the training and informing of employees regarding activity-related risks, raising their awareness of compliance with safety standards and procedures;
  • Protecting facilities and equipment by adopting the best techniques, combined with monitoring and updating operating procedures in order to eliminate or minimize risks to employees, Contractors and stakeholders who might come into contact with the EDP Group’s infrastructures.
  • Ensuring the participation and consultation of workers and their representatives in planning, implementing and evaluating the performance of Occupational Health and Safety management.

Safety is an integral part of the quality of the services and products of EDP Group companies.

The efficacy of the safety policy and the ongoing improvement of the EDP Group in the area of Occupational Health and Safety must be achieved with the involvement of all management levels and the support and contribution of all employees, Contractors, suppliers and the other stakeholders.

To this end, the EDP Group requires everyone to adopt practices in line with the principles of this policy.

Guidelines for occupational health and safety practice within the EDP Group

  1. Safety - understood as Occupational Health and Safety - is an integral part of the activity of the EDP Group companies and is present in every decision: in planning, construction, operation and maintenance, in staff management, procurement, commercial activities, customer relations, supplier relations and with the general public.

  2. Safety is an attitude and a will - inherent in everyone's activity - which is expressed at all times in the respect for and compliance with the legal requirements, standards, rules and procedures applicable, and in the initiative and contribution to its improvement.

  3. Safety is an inherent component of line management, with line managers being responsible for enforcing regulations, undertaking a visible, permanent personal commitment, promoting training and information provision for their employees and controlling the environment in which work takes place.

  4. At all times and under any circumstances, each Company undertakes its activities aiming at "zero accidents" through the continuous improvement of safety management and performance, defining concrete goals for progress.

  5. Safety at work should be achieved through the systematic analysis of risks, involving the workers and their representatives, as well as Contractors, as applicable, so as to identify and deal with all situations with potential risk, during the preparation of the work, in order to converge to an acceptable level of risk. If safety conditions for the carrying out of a job are not sufficient, it must not be started or, if it is already in progress, it must be stopped.

  6. The investigation and analysis of incidents – accidents and nearaccidents – will be carried out systematically and conclusions will be drawn to prevent their repetition, an essential condition for the ongoing improvement of the prevention of occupational accidents and adverse health effects.

  7. No action shall be taken against any employee who expresses concern about an Occupational Health and Safety matter or is involved in a nearaccident, unless s/he has consciously and intentionally carried out an illegal action or willfully disregarded a safety rule or procedure.

  8. Safety procedures must be kept up to date at all times in accordance with existing risks and the applicable local regulations.


Approved by the Executive Board of Directors on the 28th July 2020.