Leading energy transition

Decarbonization is our way to a better tomorrow.

We will Decarbonize and lead the energy transition, by empowering the Community and rebuilding our Planet in collaboration with our Partners, driven by a strong ESG Culture.

100% green by 2030

Decarbonize for a climate-positive impact. We want society to breathe a better and safer future.

We will go beyond carbon neutrality, by decarbonizing our own activities, actively influencing the decarbonization agenda of our value chain and by thriving our clients’ pathway towards the climate transition.

We are doing it by

We are driven by

A strong ESG Culture towards a long-term value creation.

We will walk the talk by actively embedding sustainability values and practices in everything we do. We will shape our skills and behaviors leveraging our fast adopter mindset, to deliver long-term value creation supported by a strong business ethics and governance structure.


We are building a sustainable company

eolica e biodiversidade

Materiality Matrix

Through the Materiality Process, we identifiy the important themes for its stakeholders by cross-referencing them with their importance to business.

Transparency above all

We report transparently on the group's performance in the year, in the different dimensions of sustainability, with a focus on material issues.
Sustainability is made of
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Sustainability report
Our objectives and targets are defined taking into account a strategy that prioritizes sustainability.
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Sustainable Development Goals
EDP has set concrete goals for more than half of the 17 SDGs defined by the United Nations.