The world needs to change.
For that, each of us has to change our habits first.
Having a more sustainable planet takes teamwork.
We all have to be agents of change.
Are we going to change the world together?
Now or Never

At EDP, we believe we have a role to play. We want to ensure sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental respect. Therefore, we have defined 9 themes - inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals - and, for 9 months, we will talk about sustainability. Because together we can change the world.

Now or Never

17 Sustainable Development Goals
In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And with these SDGs, a deadline to comply with them: 2030.
These goals aim to end poverty, combat inequality, and prevent climate change through the joint work of governments, businesses, and citizens.
EDP has set concrete goals for more than half of these SDGs, setting very clear goals for their fulfillment.


90% renewable production by 2030

The road to sustainable development requires renewable energies and respect for energy-saving principles - two key concepts within the EDP universe. Thus we want 90% of our energy production and 85% of our installed capacity to be renewable by 2030. Moreover, we are committed to creating products and services that result in energy savings of 5TWh for our costumers by 2022.

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Reducing 90% of CO2 emissions by 2030

Climate change has been accelerating. EDP is determined to reverse this trend. We want to reduce 90% of our CO2 emissions by 2030, compared to 2005 figures. We also mobilize society to tackle climate change by implementing volunteering and awareness-raising initiatives.

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  • igualdade de género

    30% female employees by 2022

    EDP believes that gender equality is the foundation of any prejudice-free society. Therefore, we value the skills of all our employees regardless of their gender. We are committed to becoming an equal opportunity employer and increasing the number of female employees in our company.

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  • trabalho digno e crescimento económico

    100% prevention and safety certified by 2020

    We champion human rights across our entire value chain, and we want our operations to be 100% prevention and safety certified (OHSAS18001 and ISO45001 standards) by 2020. This goal includes all suppliers exposed to high risks and aims at a greater objective: to eradicate fatal work accidents involving employees and service providers by 2022.

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  • indústria, inovação e infraestruturas

    100% consumers with smart meters by 2030

    We at EDP see innovation as the foundation for a more sustainable future, hence our focus on smart meters. Smart meters contribute to electric mobility by allowing users to manage photovoltaic panel consumption more efficiently when charging their electric vehicles. With this in mind, we want 100% smart meters in the Iberian Peninsula by 2030.

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  • cidades e comunidades sustentáveis

    100,000 electric mobility customers by 2022

    The future of urban mobility lies in electric mobility. EDP's contribution is therefore critical. We want to boost the number of electric mobility customers by 2022 and we are committed to adopting Climate Change Adaptation Plans in all EDP Group companies.

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  • produção e consumo sustentáveis

    100% environmentally certified by 2020

    We are committed to obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental certification across the entire EDP Group, including suppliers whose activities pose high environmental risks. We also know that in order to minimize environmental impacts, we have to embrace the concept of circular economy. That is why we want to fully eradicate single-use plastics and attain a waste recovery rate of 75%.

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  • proteger a vida terrestre

    Ensuring biodiversity gains in new projects

    We are fighting side by side for the planet - for the protection of ecosystems and the future of all species. This EDP commitment translates into a particular goal: ensuring biodiversity gains in new electricity production infrastructure projects. Following the concept of Biodiversity Net Gain, our daily work includes creating even better conditions for species protection and survival.

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  • proteger a vida terrestre

    €20M investment in electricity access until 2022

    One out of six people in the world has no access to electricity. EDP, through EDP Renováveis – A2E (Access to Energy), is working to foster the growth of the renewable energies industry in developing countries, where sustainable energy can have a positive impact on families and communities.

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