Integrated Annual Report 2023


Integrated Annual Report

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  • Part I - Management Report
  • Part II - Financial Statements
  • Part III - Corporate Governance Report
  • Part IV - Remunerations Report
  • Part V - Annexes
ESG Incidents

With the aim of ensuring greater transparency and granting additional context, EDP has set this section regarding specific ESG incidents.

ESG principles, policies, and practices play an essential role and increase their importance in the company strategies to address the needs and interests of their stakeholders.

However, these initiatives may not always avoid an ESG incident.The ESG incidents relate to one or more ESG indicators and are considered as controversies. Sometimes, these controversies could result in the payment of fines.


For further information regarding this investigation, please see public information namely EDP's statements at CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission), media, European Commission decisions.