EDP Inclusive Solar Communities

Supportive Neighborhoods

Bringing communities together, sharing energy

The planet needs a greener and more inclusive energy, where the sun feeds everyone, without exception. This is how EDP Inclusive Solar Communities are born, solar neighbourhoods in solidarity where neighbours share the energy of the sun. With the support of EDP foundations, solar panels are being installed in Social Solidarity Institutions in Portugal and Spain, an Iberian project so that communities can consume and share solar energy among themselves, also supporting more vulnerable neighbours and significantly reducing their power bills.

EDP Inclusive Solar Communities

Inclusive and shared energy that reaches Portuguese and Spanish neighbourhoods

 Boosting growth and access to the sun's energy will be essential to achieve a cleaner planet with less carbon emissions. With the support of EDP Foundations, EDP Inclusive Solar Communities intend not only to share energy produced by solar panels with several neighbours in the same neighbourhood, but also to do so in an inclusive way, granting access to solar energy to vulnerable families as well. These solidarity neighbourhoods are being created in Portugal and Spain, and a community is already being created in Zaragoza that will positively impact 200 families and businesses, including 20 vulnerable families.