We are powering a greener future, side by side with our customers

Every day, EDP lights up the houses and spaces of millions of people, families and businesses. We have committed to become carbon neutral and, by 2030, all of the energy supplied will be produced merely from the sun, the water and the wind. But more than an energy retailer, we are now a sustainability partner to our customers, empowering them with sustainable solutions aligned with the energy transition.

Supplying the energy you need is just the beginning

With a legacy of almost half a century and over 9 million energy customers in the regulated and liberalized market, we are experts in energy retailing. Nearly 80% of EDP's installed capacity is already renewable and we will keep on working to ensure that increasingly cleaner energy arrives to our customers. The next step for a decarbonized world is electrification.


>9 million

Energy customers in the regulated and liberalized market in 1H22



We empower our customers to make the green transition

The energy transition is moving downstream and at EDP we are ready to support our customers all the way. We are democratizing access to renewable energy by offering distributed solar generation and storage solutions adapted to the needs of each home and business. Our customized EV charging solutions are driving electric and sustainable mobility forward. And our energy efficient equipment, from heat pumps to air conditioning, enable a greener way of living. Marketing energy is not just about making electricity circulate, it is about ensuring a multiplicity of services adapted to all types of customers and all types of uses. This is what we do every day at EDP.

Solar distributed generation allows customers to be part of the decarbonisation process while benefiting from relevant savings on the energy bill and lower exposure to price volatility. At EDP we implement customized solutions and offer different payment methods to best serve the needs of our customers. Across geographies, EDP has already secured >1.4GWac of solar capacity in distributed generation and has committed to deploy another 3.5GWac in solar DG additions by 2026.
The transportation sector still accounts for 25% of global carbon emissions, showing great eletrification and decarbonization potential. At EDP we are driving a cleaner future by expanding the capilarity of our public network and offering tailor-made charging solutions for homes, condominiums, offices and commercial spaces. By the end of 2022, our public network reached >3.500 charging points contracted.
Energy efficiency is crucial to meet the world’s decarbonization targets and has recently gained momentum as a means to save on the energy bill and ensure energy security. To help our customers reduce their energy usage and costs while maintaining or even improving their comfort, we offer a wide portfolio of efficient equipment, including household appliances, water heating solutions, air conditioning systems, and an all-electric service. Also, we provide an area of open consultation to help our clients better understand their consumption patterns and make energy-efficient choices in their daily lives.

We want to empower the consumers

The energy transition is on a move
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New services at the heart of investment

Innovation is in our DNA and we invest in technology as an enabler of the energy transition. We are constantly working to bring into the market innovative solutions that make this transition a simple and increasingly seamless experience.

We are a global company, with commercial presence across the globe

Our Client Solutions Platform is present in Europe and Brazil and we work in synergy with EDP Renewables to deliver solar DG projects in North America and in the Asian Pacific region.

Other EDP areas
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In addition to investing in renewables, we are increasingly investing in solutions for a better network management.
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Renewable energy
A greener, fairer and safer world. This is what drives us to fight climate change.