Ensure sustainable solutions for our customers

Marketing energy is the last step in the long process until electricity reaches the final consumer, since the water passed through the turbine, the wind turbine blades began to turn or the photovoltaic panel received the first rays of the morning sun.

A vertical utility like EDP is present in all these steps, helping its customers to ‘switch on the light’ in 2030 with the certainty that the electricity they consume came from 100% renewable sources.

100% with our customers

In the most varied geographies, we want to ensure that, at our customers' homes, increasingly cleaner and renewable energy arrives. For this, the electrification of consumption is fundamental.


8,7 million

Electricity customers in 2021


0,7 millions

Natural gas customers in 2021

We want to empower the consumers


Energy transition demands new services

In recent years, energy consumption has changed radically. Electrification and the energy transition have brought increasingly more uses for electricity - especially electric vehicles and home equipment, whether for cooking, water heating or air conditioning. At the same time, electricity production is increasingly decentralised, with renewable generation increasingly available to individuals. Marketing energy is not just about making electricity circulate to companies and people's homes, it is about ensuring a multiplicity of services adapted to all types of customers and all types of uses. This is what we do every day at EDP.

Our solutions to promote transition

To decarbonise consumption, it is necessary to act on three strategic fronts.


New services at the heart of investment

Innovation in services is the key to success for a company that wants to commit to energy transition, like EDP. This is the path we are following, whether in terms of customer solutions and energy management, or through increased investment in electric mobility and microgeneration.

Other EDP areas
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In addition to investing in renewables, we are increasingly investing in solutions for a better network management.
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Renewable energy
A greener, fairer and safer world. This is what drives us to fight climate change.