We harness the water's energy

Hydroelectric plants are one of the oldest forms of electricity production, harnessing the force that has been known and used for millennia.

Our installed hydro capacity in 2022

wind farm

7.5 GW

in 2022 (EBITDA + Equity GW)




of the installed renewable capacity

is from hydro energy.

EDP's hydropower

EDP's hydroelectric energy production is present in three countries - Portugal, Spain and Brazil - but with dozens of plants and an extremely relevant dimension in these three markets, articulating with other energy sources.

Strong presence in the hydro sector in the Iberian Peninsula and Brazil

GW EBITDA + Equity in 2022
mapa hidrica europa
Iberian Peninsula
5.5 GW
mapa hidrica america do sul
2.0 GW
wind turbine mist

Dams with a thousand
and one functions

  • Generating electricity
  • Water reservoir
  • Consumption
  • Irrigation
  • Safety in the face of floods or droughts
  • Tourism
  • Ecosystem for plants and animals
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Pumping to increase flexibility

In an electricity sector increasingly based on renewables, hydro production is the support for a more flexible system. The sun doesn't always shine, the wind calms down, but the water continues to flow in the rivers, or it can stay in the reservoir for a long time.

Hydroelectric plants help to manage the electricity grid more efficiently in periods of higher demand or when other sources are intermittent. And associated with a hydraulic pumping system - present in 40% of the dams in Portugal and Spain - it returns water to the reservoir. The dams are true facilitators of the energy transition and one of EDP's main focuses on the path to becoming a fully green utility by 2030.

A produção hídrica é o suporte para um sistema mais flexível.
A produção hídrica é o suporte para um sistema mais flexível — mobile


Solar farms in EDP dams

The Alqueva dam will receive a floating solar farm to support the pumped hydropower plant. An EDP test in Alto Rabagão, pioneering at European level, confirmed the advantages of hybridising dams.

As barragens servem também como parques solares

Ensuring the planet's sustainability involves ensuring that water will continue to flow to fields, industries and people's homes, in addition to supporting the entire ecosystem around it. This is also the path of EDP's dams.