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Windfloat: last platform is on its way to Viana do Castelo

Windfloat is the first floating offshore wind farm in continental Europe, which will supply Portugal's national grid with clean energy.

EDP prepares return to a "new normal" in security

The world is preparing to return to a "new normal". At EDP, we are working to make sure this comeback takes place in maximum security.

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I dare now more than ever

We know that in an emergency we must act NOW. Find out the EDP Volunteering Program in times of COVID-19.

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Let's Go!

The rhythms have changed, but the passion remains the same.

edp a global energy company

We are a leading company in the energy sector, which integrates, in its culture, commitments with its customers, with people and with the environment. Find out more.


Join our talent community

We are an enterprise leader in the energy sector, which includes in its cultural values a commitment to its customers, the community and the environment. EDP may be the place for you!

Annual Report 2019

Energy. Energia. Energía.

We are energy. An energy that is international and speaks many languages. We are a force driven by innovation toward a greener, more electric, and more sustainable future. We set out our ambitious goals, always with a commitment to create a network of energy, talent, technology, with more global and efficient solutions. Energy begins with us. And the future is today.