Message from the CEO

We can be proud of having integrated the ethical standards of business integrity and a conscience and social responsibility that define us as a company.

Miguel Stillwell de Andrade


At EDP, we promote a culture of sharing and mutual respect based on a compliance policy that encompasses our activity throughout the entire legal and regulatory value chain.

To this end, the EDP Group is aligned with a zero-tolerance Compliance policy, towards transparency and justice, within the scope of preventing and combating illegal acts, such as practices associated with bribery, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing, among others. This commitment is reflected in the creation of a Compliance Department, responding to the need to promote respect for and compliance with the law and regulations in force in all the countries where EDP operates, in line with the evolution of international best practices. We can be proud of being part of the ethical standards of business integrity and conscience and social responsibility that define us as a company.

The mission and the programs

The EDP Group's Compliance Management System, approved by the Executive Board of Directors and by the Financial Matters/Audit Committee, includes an internal control system based on the “3 lines of defense”, in order to identify and properly manage the risks arising from the activity.
Within the scope of this System, the Compliance function is part of the 2nd line of defense, with the mission of promoting a culture of compliance and integrity, through the identification of relevant compliance risks and the dissemination and coordination of the implementation of mechanisms that promote compliance, proactively and systematically providing advice to the entire organization.

The Compliance Management System, certified according to the requirements of ISO Standard 37301 - Compliance Management Systems, is based on a Global Compliance Program composed of different Specific Compliance Programs:

Prevention, Detection, and response to non-compliance situations

The Compliance Management System allows for the harmonization of Compliance management guidelines and methodologies across the organization and different regulatory areas, promoting alignment with other internal policies and procedures - namely with the Integrity Policy and the Code of Ethics of the EDP Group, based on the following nine components: