Yes to energy
Yes to culture
Yes to planet
Yes to community
Yes to skills

Meet EDP Y.E.S. You Empower Society, a new brand that will allow us to aggregate more than 300 projects of social responsibility that are being developed worldwide, with a similar objective - implement measures to decarbonize production and consumption, promote human rights and social inclusion, promote social responsibility and encourage our employees to dare to change the world.

Our impact in numbers:

In 2022, we are investing more than 30M€ in social responsability programs worldwide.

Our impact in numbers

We will do this, by saying YES to 5 main areas:

Yes to planet

Yes to Planet

37 current projects

We have to take care of our planet. Together. These projects are focused in areas such as sustainability, energy efficiency and decarbonization.

Yes to Skills

50 current projects

Education is fundamental. These programs aim to facilitate capacitation and work-tools, to generate structural economic value initiatives.

Yes to skills
Yes to community

Yes to Community

41 current projects

Taking care of others is a basic principle of sustainability. Our volunteering programs help us receive from passionate individuals, willing to leave a mark.

Yes to Energy

34 current projects

Guaranteeing energy for all is guaranteeing a more balanced existence. Our Energy programs aim to facilitate a fair access to energy resources in fragile communities.

Yes to energy
Yes to culture

Yes to Culture

25 current projects

A country with no culture is a country with no solutions. Our programs challenge cultural empowerment by supporting initiatives dedicated to arts and traditions.

Our projects

Some of our main projects include efficiency and volunteering.


A2E - Access to Energy for Development

With A2E fund we help bring energy to less developed countries and we support energy efficiency projects in those countries.


Volunteering Worldwide

Every year hundreds of volunteers from all around the EDP world devote their time to help needed communities and institutions.

Measuring investment in the community:

We ​​use the international methodology B4SI - Business for Societal Impact - to characterize and evaluate our voluntary investment in the community. This model promotes the alignment between the purpose of the companies and the social needs, facilitating the structuring of priorities and the reflection on their results and benefits for the communities.


The foundations

We are committed to Changing Tomorrow Now. For this we have strong non-profit institutions both in society and community.