This is where innovation is made!

FabLab EDP's main goals are to strengthen the promotion of a culture of innovation and creativity within the EDP Group, to interact with Society by leveraging entrepreneurship and stimulating active citizenship, and to provide the means to generate and implement ideas, with a special focus on the 'Learn by doing' concept 

Supporting the construction of early prototypes in an easy, fast and economical way is the mission of FabLab EDP - an innovation laboratory that puts rapid prototyping industrial tools at the disposal of the EDP community.



Our Projects


EDP Drone

FabLab EDP played a key role in the digital design and fabrication of the various components that make up the EDP Drone. This project was aimed at an evolutionary and customized flight platform, fully adapted to different Asset Inspection scenarios from different angles.



EDP Produção and LNEC used FabLab EDP to produce a reduced hydraulic model for the Fixed Ichthyofauna Capture Device (DFCI) to be used at the Foz Tua Hydroelectric Project. Innovative materials and techniques were used in its construction, such as polyethylene and acrylic CNC machining, 3D plastic printing, and others.


SENSIBLE demonstration stand

Developed by FabLab EDP, the SENSIBLE demonstration stand illustrates the operation of distributed energy production and storage systems within the framework of the 'SENSIBLE International Consortium - Storage-enabled sustainable energy for buildings and communities', whose pilot project, designed by EDP, was implemented in Valverde/Évora.


EDP IoT Hackathon

Following the EDP IoT Hackathon, a competition held by EDP Inovação in partnership with Microsoft and NarrowNet, FabLab EDP designed and manufactured a backstage to provide participants with 10 EDP Boxes (Smart Meters).


MIBox Project

FabLab EDP designed and produced the MIBox - a modular oil sample transport unit to be used at the Labelec Insulation Materials Laboratory. This unit was entirely designed by FabLab EDP as part of a LEAN initiative.


Open Source Video Wall

The purpose of this project was to design a low-cost Video Wall by reusing LCD monitors that were to be destroyed. FabLab EDP analyzed several solutions and suggested an Open Source solution - Pi Wall - based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

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Where is Fablab?

We are in Lisboa, at Rua Cidade de Goa, nº4, 2685-038 Sacavém.



To contact us, please click here.



How was the Fablab born?

Fablab EDP is short for Fabrication Laboratory. The concept was created by the Center for Bits and Atoms, of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), with which EDP has established a partnership. EDP Fablab is the result of the EDP Inovação’s accession to the MIT Portugal program.

FabLab EDP was the first digital laboratoty, in Portugal.  

Which materials are available to user and projects?

Fablab offers small and large milling machines, laser cut machines and vinyl cutters, 3D printers and scanners, a laboratory of electronic, computers and the respective CAD design and software programming tools, supported by open source software and CAD and CAM freeware.

What kind of ideas can materialize at Fablab EDP?

The limit is imagination, really. Proof of this are the projects already developed, such as wind turbines, wireless networks, 3D printers, drones, long reach antennas or a home powered exclusively by solar energy.