principles and policies

The health and safety of those who contribute to the EDP Group's activities, whether they be employees or service providers, contractors or subcontractors, is a key value and a priority for the success of EDP as a business Group.

We aim, therefore, to pursue and build on a positive safety culture in which every employee, service provider and supplier is engaged, and to promote it amongst clients, communities and all those who could be affected by the normal conduct of our activities.

By undertaking the EDP commitment and complying with applicable safety standards and procedures, exceptional levels of performance will be achieved, making the EDP Group's companies an ever better working environment.

The EDP Commitment

The corporate management of the EDP Group is determined to constantly strengthen the culture of occupational health and safety, by developing awareness, deepening willingness and making available the resources required for:

  • Guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, ensuring compliance with the law;
  • Providing its employees with training and awareness on the risks related to its activities, raising their awareness to the compliance with safety standards
  • Protecting facilities and equipment by adopting the best techniques, combined with the monitoring and updating of work procedures in order to eliminate or minimise risks to employees, service providers and any third parties who may be in contact with our infrastructure;
  • Safety is an integral part of the quality of services and products in all the companies in the EDP Group.

The effectiveness of the safety policy and the continuous improvement of occupational health & safety performance must be achieved through the involvement of all levels of management and the support and input of all employees, service providers, suppliers and stakeholders. To this end EDP requires all its service providers to adopt practices in line with the principles underlying this policy.

No situation or service emergency may justify putting anybody´s life at risk.

This Occupational Health & Safety policy, and the principles approved, applies to all EDP Group companies, in the different geographies.

Guiding Principles on Safety Practice within the EDP Group

  1. Safety - understood as occupational health & safety - is an integral part of the activity of the companies within the EDP Group and is taken into account in all decisions: in project design, in construction, In exploitation, HR management, procurement, customer relations, supplier relations and with the general public.
  2. Safety is an attitude and a will - that integrate the activities of each one - which is stated at all times in the fulfilment and compliance with the applicable legal requirements, standards, rules and procedures, and in the initiative and contribute to its improvement.
  3. Safety is a component associated to the hierarchical responsibility, which is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the rules, assuming a visible and permanent personal commitment, promoting training and awareness of its employees and controlling the environment in which the work takes place.
  4. Every Company assumes, at all times and for each situation, the performance of its activities pursuing "zero accidents" objective, through the continuous improvement in the safety management and performance, with the definition of concrete progress objectives.
  5. Safety at work must be achieved through the systematic risk analysis , involving employees and their representatives, as well as service providers, when appropriate, to identify and deal, in the preparation of the work, all the risk situations which are expected to converge for the acceptable risk. If a job cannot be carried out safely, it should not be done at all or it should be stopped.
  6. Research and analysis of incidents – accidents and near-misses – carried out systematically, are an essential condition for the continuous improvement on the prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  7. No action shall be taken against any employee who shows occupational health & safety concerns or for reporting a near-miss, unless an unlawful or malicious disrespect has been committed consciously and intentionally for any safety regulation or procedure.
  8. The safety procedures must be kept permanently up to date, according to the existing risks and the applicable local regulations.


Approved by the Executive Board of Directors on the 1st June 2016.