Business Continuity Management, based on continuous improvement, considers a set of guiding principles, in line with international good practices of Business Continuity, which contribute to EDP group's preparedness and response to disruptive scenarios. To ensure that Business Continuity contributes to an increase in the resilience of EDP group, it is considered that:

  • the practice of adequate Business Continuity Management is also an essential mechanism for the success of an effective strategy to mitigate risks and increase resilience;
  • any disruption in the company's activities may impact the fluidity of the activities of the company in which EDP group is integrated;
  • less resilience to adversity may jeopardize EDP group's reputation;
  • top management's commitment to Business Continuity Management plays a decisive role.

This Business Continuity Policy establishes the guiding principles necessary to enable EDP group to develop mechanisms for preventing, preparing, responding to and mitigating disruptive situations.

Principles of EDP Group's Business Continuity Policy

  • Establish adequate levels of prevention and resilience in the most priority activities to mitigate the impact of disasters or other sources of disruption, through the implementation and maintenance, in accordance with international good practices, of effective Business Continuity Management;
  • Protect employees, assets (physical and technological infrastructures), and the business during a disruption, and support the return of priority activities and their support functions to a pre-defined capacity within deadlines considered acceptable, establishing procedures for action and communication, documented in Business Continuity Management;
  • Resume normal business activities as soon as possible in order to satisfy strategic, operational, contractual, legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Promote the awareness of employees and external entities, namely business partners, for the role to be played by all in the scope of Business Continuity Management;
  • Ensure that the procedures included in the Business Continuity Management are cyclically exercised and updated, with a view to their continuous improvement and their alignment with EDP group's strategy.

This policy was approved by the Executive Board of Directors of EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A. on September 14, 2023.