Earth is calling you to work with us

Earth is calling us to be positive and diverse, to promote trust and sharing. Our vision is for each person to merge their unique characteristics, experiences, and backgrounds to fulfill our mission of creating a new energy for the planet - more inclusive, more shared, and greener. We believe that to find the power, knowledge, and action to act for a better tomorrow, our employees must have the opportunity to feel 100% like themselves.

Are you answering this call?


EDP is committed to having a positive impact on the planet and on people’s lives. The principles of DEIB are at the heart of our values and practices – they drive innovation and are fundamental to the future success of our company

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO

Getting to know you, to better know ourselves

is our motto, and is essential for us to understand the complexity of how each person feels represented, is treated fairly, has access to equal opportunities, and feels valued and supported

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What we are doing

We want to drive change in a culture of equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging, promoting this mindset in the way we behave and welcome our people, and in the way, we are encouraging our partners, stakeholders, clients, and communities to foster this intersectionality.

According to our people

consider having flexibility at work to balance their personal and professional life
is comfortable expressing different opinions from their team
believe that all employees are treated the same regardless of their conditions and characteristics
joão verdelho

To achieve our ambitious goals, we need to attract, develop and retain different profiles. We work every day to ensure equitable and fair opportunities for everyone and are committed to the inclusion and sense of belonging of each person who contacts with EDP.

João Verdelho, Head of Strategy& Talent Management
margarida azevedo

At EDP, we want to help our employees build the best version of themselves – learning anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Our main goal is to enable our people development, leading inclusive, adaptable and personalized learning journeys. And that means we want to create learning and development experiences that respect diversity, enable participation and inclusion, remove barriers and enhance our employees' sense of belonging, and anticipate a variety of learning needs and preferences.

Maria Margarida Azevedo, Head of EDP University

The recognition of our commitments

Our vision on people has earned us awards and recognitions around the world, such as: UN Global Compact, The Valuable 500, Equal by 30, Bloomberg Target Gender-Equality (EDP e EDPR), Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN) (EDP e EDPR)

But our work has received awards also locally, in Portugal and in Brazil: Programa Target Gender Equality - UN Global Compact, Meta Nacional para a Igualdade de Género, Aliança para a Igualdade nas TIC, Empresa Cidadã

Speaking up
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Woman at EDP: Road to equality
As a mirror of society, we have taken great strides in the path to diversity, inclusiveness, and equal opportunities.
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Empower our communities
The performance of a company like ours cannot be dissociated from respect for the human rights of all those who relate to EDP.
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Joana's day at EDP
Joana Mateus arrived in peace and never felt like an alien, but she still sees the novelty in what surrounds her.
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Join the movement
Although we have come a long way as a society, we must continue our efforts to make it clear that there are no “women’s professions” or “men’s professions.”

It starts by creating equal opportunities

At EDP we stand for gender equality in every step of the way, ensuring equal access to opportunities and working conditions, parenthood protection and flexibility measures, training, and reporting channels to overcome stereotypes and promote a safe workplace for everyone. Every year we reaffirm this commitment by reviewing our Gender Equality Plan, essential to continue building a diverse, balanced and inclusive workplace where everyone belongs.


We are the most skilled and talented women's society in history, where there are more and better-educated women university graduates. Today, more than ever, we must demand women to be given the role they deserve in this society.

Ana Cuenca, Engineering & construction at EDPR
beatriz freitas

This programme [Top Women Scholarship] enabled me to experience working for this inclusive and innovative company, networking with its employees and seeing how it faces its challenges. I felt it was very enriching, as it connected me to new realities and expanded my horizons.

Beatriz Freitas, E-Redes
erica de souza carvalho

I am and will be forever grateful to EDP for including women in this course, which added so much knowledge to my professional and personal life and opened new pathways to future opportunities within the company. I also thank and congratulate those responsible for the excellent content presented throughout the process. I was committed, did my best and continue to evolve, reaching new heights and motivating other women, which is priceless. Today, I am more certain than ever that I am on the right path and in the profession that I love and perform with great dedication and care. Thank you EDP for your Inclusion and Lives project.

Erica de Souza Carvalho, EDP Brazil
raquel moura

The Mentoring aimed to provide strategic support in a mutually enriching experience for me and my Mentor, Joana. The intersection of interests, in both the digital and sustainability areas, achieved this goal, focussing on my growth and providing professional guidance aligned with the purpose of the programme: empowering women's careers.

Raquel Moura, EDP Produção
Tatiele jesus santos

The electrical school was a watershed in my life, giving me the opportunity to learn a profession so essential to society and also to be an inspiration to other women. Taking this course has changed my life in every way, giving me a stable and comfortable life, together with the values I have learned. It was certainly the best decision I have taken, for which I thank God. Whenever I leave home for work, I feel strong and brave, and also transmit good energy to customers. I want to make history and leave a legacy. This is my dream!

Tatiele Jesus Santos, EDP Brazil

Women at EDP

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Female representation
Female representation

our stories

Women at EDP: the road to equality

As a mirror of society, EDP has taken great strides in the path to diversity, inclusiveness, and equal opportunities.

The road to equal opportunities for women and men is still long, and there are significant contrasts between different countries and cultures in this regard. It is urgent to rethink the female condition in the 21st century - something that several companies have been doing, sometimes even driving this social evolution. 


For the fulfillment of all citizens

The integration of people with disabilities in the labor market is a decisive factor for social inclusion, economic independence and the consequent appreciation and personal fulfillment of all citizens. As such, the EDP group is committed to encourage the recruitment of people with disabilities and to ensure that these people are guaranteed equal opportunities in career management, remuneration and social benefits, training, and knowledge sharing. We believe that inclusive businesses create inclusive societies, and that is why EDP is committed to The Valuable 500, a movement that gathers companies from all over the world with the purpose of igniting systemic change and unlock the business, social and economic value of people living with disabilities.

Deconstruct ableism

Together for change

Ableism refers to discrimination against people with some kind of disability and its demystification is key to ensuring equal opportunities. It is in our hands to drive change in our society and promote the inclusion of all.

Find out how you can be part of this change and get informed through our Guide to Deconstructing Ableism, developed in partnership with Associação Salvador.

group of people posing
Participating in the disabilities wave made me more aware of how difficult it still is to be a person with a disability or a handicap, not only when looking for a job, when approaching active life, but also when performing one's duties in a company, when moving from home to the office, when apparently going to a restaurant. However, it gave me the opportunity to meet extraordinary, resilient, impactful people, who made their "weaknesses" into strengths, and their disabilities into even bigger, better, different capabilities, changing the lives of so many other people.Clorinda Ramos, Control, Management and Reporting, EDP Comercial
with disabilities
with disabilities

All generations for one purpose

The evolution of times has brought a great challenge for EDP - ensuring that the knowledge of previous generations is not lost, while integrating young employees, technological innovation and new ways of working. We are increasingly seeking to consider the different needs of the generations present at the EDP Group, fostering active dialogue and the passing of knowledge. While renewing our workforce, we need to be prepared for new generations but never forget the richness of knowledge and know-how of those that have worked with us for a lifetime.

elisa abrantes

I feel that this project gave me the opportunity to learn more about integration, at a business level, but more specifically about what the characteristics of each generation are and the big challenges we can face when integrating different generations in the same team or company. I am confident that the learning acquired during this project can be an asset for the future of the entire EDP group!

Elisa Abrantes, Protection and Automation, E-REDES

A place for all generations

of EDP employees belong to Generation Y
of EDP employees belong to Generation X
of EDP employees belong to Generation BB
of EDP employees belong to Generation Z
numbers 2022
numbers 2022

All around the world

Different cultures, habits and ways of working reflect more openness and growth for companies. Being the international EDP group, and having 46 nationalities, we seek to promote a global feel and alignment in the way we work and communicate. More than seeking multiculturalism, we embrace it. We know that only diz global look on our workforce will allow us to be a global company.

paul kessner

Being part of the Inclusion Office (Wave Culturalities) has been an important aspect for me as an expatriate working in Portugal and gave me the possibility to actively promote cultural diversity and inclusion of going beyond the fact of being from another country but rather to interpret it in a broader context where it comprises unique attributes of persons, such as ethnicity, language, religion. It has also been a great opportunity to meet many other people across the organisation and propose specific actions that compose the Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap of EDP.

Paul Kessler, Project Dev & Execution (PT&BR), EDP
People working outside of country of origin
People working outside of country of origin