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“Our ambition as a future-proof organization is only achievable if we prioritize individual well-being within the company and ensure human and meaningful experiences for everyone.”

Miguel Stilwell Andrade, CEO

Our people are the heart of our purpose, being their well-being a priority for us.

Group of people talking around a table

This topic has always been on EDP’s agenda, becoming even more important in the context of the pandemic, that raised new challenges to our physical and psychological health.

Based on our listening culture, we have implemented a global strategy, to promote our employees’ physical, emotional, social, professional, and financial well-being.

In addition to this global offer, to answer the specific needs of our employees, spread by different markets, each country where we are based has its local initiatives and benefits adjusted to their legal framework.

Earth is calling you to work with us

If you want a challenging and meaningful experience, in a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace, this is your chance.

Are you answering this call?

The 5 dimensions of well-being






Discover your well-being level 
Have you stopped to think about how you are feeling? Take 2 minutes out of your day to answer our questions and discover your current state of well-being.
This questionnaire evaluates 5 aspects of your well-being, as it is today, in accordance with EDP's holistic well-being concept.
Ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows you to complete daily tasks without excessive fatigue or physical stress.
It relates to attitudes and reactions to daily events, the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life, to understand one's own emotions and regulate them.
Linked to a positive work experience that results in satisfaction, pride and value, as well as the ability to develop or refine new skills.
Ability to manage financial life in the present while preparing for the future by anticipating unexpected events.
Discover your well-being level 
I feel I have the energy to face the day
On most days I don't feel I have enough energy
Occasionally I feel short of energy
I usually feel I have the energy for what I have to do
I am able to manage my emotions and respond to situations with empathy
I have a great deal of difficulty in managing my emotions
Sometimes I have some difficulty in managing my emotions
I am able manage my emotions adequately
In a conflict situation...
I feel anxious and think of the worst-case scenario
I keep calm, but feel some signs of anxiety
I take a deep breath and face the situation as calmly as possible
I spend time with the people around me
I always feel I am short of time to be with people I like
I am not always able to reconcile my professional and personal life
I have set my priorities to be able to enjoy the presence of others
I am able to create trusting relationships with others
It is not easy for me to be open with others, although I recognise the importance of doing so
I spend time building trusting relationships with others
I like and find it easy to create trusting relationships
I plan for the future and monitor my expenditure and savings
I feel that I have little control over my expenditure
I am not always able to manage my expenditure well
I control my expenditure and save every month
I am able to focus on the priorities and tasks in hand
I feel that there are too many distractions and I am unable to concentrate
Sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate and establish priorities
I organise my time and schedule effectively
Before discovering your well-being level for today, do not forget that:
All dimensions of well-being require your attention.
There are various tools and habits to help you improve/maintain your well-being.
Your well-being requires daily and constant work.
Discover your current well-being results! 
Be aware of signs that could indicate a mental health problem and seek help, if necessary.
Try to perform physical exercise regularly and complement it with a balanced diet. Arrange your day so you have sufficient space and time to work, but also have time for family, friends and yourself. In the professional field, aim for your tasks to be challenging, inspiring and financially rewarding, while seeking to lead a balanced life.
Discover your current well-being results! 
Today your well-being level is great!

You are on the right track to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Try to consolidate the habits and routines that are contributing to your current well-being.

How can I improve my well-being level? 
Today your well-being level is not bad, but could be better

Some dimensions of your well-being can be improved.

Reflect on these areas of your life and define strategies to establish a better balance.

How can I improve my well-being level? 
Today your level of well-being requires some attention

Your well-being varies daily.

Reflect on the dimensions of your life that may be affecting your wellbeing and strategize to establish a better balance. If you feel you need help, seek support from a specialist.

How can I improve my well-being level? 
According to the World Health Organization, it is essential to view health as the overall state of physical, psychological and social well-being. Listening to your body and mind is essential for a more balanced and healthy life.
Explore some free tools here, which can help restore balance by creating new healthy habits.

The José Neves Foundation (FJN) is committed to the personal development and well-being of the Portuguese people. The 29k FJN app provides personal development programs.

You can also consult the guide to personal development: "How do you invest in your well-being?"

Download the fileAccess the online version

Other relevant resources:

World Health OrganizationEu
Come back whenever you need to check your well-being level 

We support our employees conciliating professional and personal life

In total, there are around 300 initiatives, developed internally and in partnership with other companies, to promote our employees work-life balance, which we - a certified familiarly responsible company - believe is fundamental to achieve a fairer society based on flexibility, respect, and equal opportunities.

How our people see us
feel that EDP provides a safe working environment
are proud to work at EDP
would recommend EDP as a good place to work
feel that they have the opportunity to do challenging work
Ema Mariquito

The Mind Your Mind sessions helped to normalise the topic of mental health ("It's OK not to be OK") and raise awareness of the symptoms of mental illness. EDP is committed to supporting employees' mental health and encourages the use of the psychosocial help services offered by the company's Social Services. Through the excellent testimonies of the various participants, ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression were conveyed. More than ever it is necessary to address mental health and to be aware that we are not alone. I am very grateful to have attended the MYM sessions and hope they will be resumed soon!

Ema Mariquito, E-REDES
Megan Holloway

I am so grateful that EDPR gives new moms both pregnancy leave and parental leave. My family was able to grow and bond during the extended time EDPR offers. I know a lot of other friends not given as much time as EDPR gives for pregnancy leave, and honestly, it’s so needed. Being a newborn’s mom is exhausting, stressful, emotional and a huge recovery time (on top of being the best thing to ever happen). I couldn’t imagine going back any sooner! We even got to take a trip to Florida during my parental leave that we might not have taken if I hadn’t had the extra time. It’s hard coming back to work knowing you are leaving a small baby behind. The extended leave we are offered really helps ease that transition.

Megan Holloway, EDPR NA
Chaitanya Das

I had the opportunity to participate in the Your Board Program, which is a development program where we work closely with the Board of Directors. It was an unforgettable experience both professionally and personally. The expectations for our work were high and we were able to deliver on them in a challenging environment. It helped me learn to believe in my abilities and gave me the confidence to aim even higher.

Chaitanya Das, EDP Portugal
Angel Javier Alvarez

My friends are jealous, they say that working at EDP is better than winning the lottery because the company always are thinking to improve the workers conditions. Thanks to flexible schedules I can keep my hobbies, stay with my family and continue with my work really motivated.

Angel Javier Alvarez, EDP Espanha
Denis Monteiro de Souza

I entered EDP through a project for trans people in partnership with Senai. This opportunity was the best thing that could happen in my life. Here the company has a structure for professional development that considers the knowledge and not the sexuality of the employee. Today I can say that if more companies had these projects you would see the potential that trans people have. EDP is opening the doors to the future and I will do my best to stay and help others like me here.

Denis Monteiro de Souza, EDP Brasil
Mind Your Mind

Mental health is a priority for us and we reinforced this commitment by signing a Pact of Mental Health in the Workplace. We invite you to explore the Mind Your Mind wall of stories to discover unique testimonies from our people.

We care about you
We care about our planet and all who live on it. We respect and embrace difference. Because sustainability is also about PEOPLE.

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