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Environmental Policy

EDP assumes the Environment as a strategic management element, seeking to reduce the impacts of its activity through a set of commitments that ensure the implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems that are appropriate and effective, with the ultimate goal being Sustainable Development, specifically:

  1. Protect the Environment in its various components and integrate it in the decision-making processes, considering, whenever possible, a life-cycle perspective
  2. Mitigate the environmental impact in all phases of the decision-making processes, favouring the hierarchy of mitigation 
  3. Appropriately manage the environmental risk, particularly the prevention of pollution and the emergency response in case of an accident and/or catastrophe
  4. Promote continued improvement in the processes, practices and environmental performance, stimulating R&D + Innovation within the framework of the established environmental objectives
  5. Comply with and respect the applicable environmental legislation, as well as other obligations assumed voluntarily
  6. Take into account the expectations of the main stakeholders in the decision-making process 
  7. Expand the management and the improvement of environmental performance to the value chain
  8. Communicate the performance, within the framework of its ethical principles, in a regular and transparent manner, ensuring balance, understanding and accessibility by the interested parties
  9. Empower people and raise awareness for the improvement of individual and collective environmental performance

Based on the strategic priorities of the Group, EDP furthermore assumes specific commitments to complement the previous points, in the following environmental domains:


Contribute to decarbonisation, progressively providing low-carbon energy solutions, specifically through:

  • Increasing its renewable energy portfolio
  • Promoting internal energy efficiency with suppliers and the final consumer
  • Providing low-carbon products and services to its customers

Sustainable use of natural resources

Promote the efficient use of natural resources in its activities, within the framework of a circular economy, specifically:

  • In the use and sustainable management of water in all the processes, operations and installations
  • In the consideration of the environmental aspects throughout the life cycle of the products and services


  • Contribute to the prevention or reduction of loss in biodiversity, favouring a dynamic, wide-ranging management, with local participation and a long-term vision with the ambition for a globally positive balance
  • Contribute to deepening scientific knowledge on the different aspects of biodiversity, specifically through the establishment of partnerships


Approved by the Executive Board of Directors on the 30th January 2018.

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Environmental Policy