Energy is one of the major drivers of development of modern societies.

Promoting access to this resource is, in the context of the Millennium Goals, to promote the fight against social exclusion and improvement of safety and quality of life in a very significant portion of the world population.

The proposal for energetic solutions appropriate to the various markets we serve, implies simultaneous response to a set of challenges, including:

  • Market liberalisation in the context of increasingly globalised, competitive and regulated economies;
  • Growing demand for energy worldwide and the consequent need for optimised management of resources and innovation;
  • Higher requirement of the Society, on the social and environmental management of companies in their sphere of influence;
  • Need to reduce the ecological footprint of the activity and cooperation in fighting climate changes and loss of biodiversity on the planet;
  • Need to strengthen the confidence of Stakeholders in different systems of corporate governance.

These Sustainable Development Principles of the EDP Group were approved by the Executive Board in its meeting of 31 May, 2011 and replace those that were in force from 1 March, 2004.