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Integrated Annual Report 2023


Integrated Annual Report

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  • Part I - Management Report
  • Part II - Financial Statements
  • Part III - Corporate Governance Report
  • Part IV - Remunerations Report
  • Part V - Annexes

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Annual Report of the General and Supervisory Board 2023

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offshore wind turbines

Our performance in 2023

We work towards our strategic commitments in a consistent way: we added +2.5GW of renewable installed capacity in 2023 and 87% of our generation output already comes from renewable sources. Recurring Net Profit reached a record of 1,290 million euros.

Recurring EBITDA +11% vs. 2022
Recurring Net Profit +48% vs. 2022
Net Expansion Investment -9% vs. 2022
Net Debt +16% vs. 2022