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edpOn magazine is a premium, global and refreshed publication to enhance the drive, the talent and the energy within EDP. A cohesion element for the 13.000 employees around the globe, strengthening our culture and purpose. And, at the same time, an amplifier of the company's achievements among external audiences.

Every edition presents an editorial by the CEO with his view on current theme, and other four inspirational sections:

a simplified and catchy wrap up of EDP's recent news
a deeper look into our key projects, people and milestones
inside and outside expertise on relevant topics
a view on trend setters and the future.

Highlight of this edition

Storage reinvented: a green energy revolution

utilities pole
Also in this edition
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The Executive Board of Directors' vision for 2024: business strategy, challenges, and main projects.
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Energy storage: the technology that will mark the future of the energy transition.
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Journey into the world of energy on show at MAAT Central.
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Green hydrogen: what is EDP's commitment to this source of clean energy?

Other highlights


Energy storage: the key to energy sustainability

What if the electricity produced by solar or wind power plants could be stored to be used later?
interview with miguel stilwell d'andrade

The road ahead: EDP Group's vision and outlook for 2024

Find out what the near future holds for us, in what is a crucial phase of the energy transition.

Green hydrogen: the fuel of the sustainable future

Learn more about renewable hydrogen, the opportunities behind its deployment, and the challenges it confronts.
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