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This initiative focuses on sharing operational data from EDP assets thus fostering further developments towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. The valuable information contained in these records is made available for universities, researchers and startups and somehow intends to support education, research or even incentivize the development of innovative solutions for the market. We want to unleash the value of the data we have from our assets, and we want to continue on the edge of innovation and for that we need to work even closer with you and the whole community. Show us how we can collaborate.

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Let us know your data needs and what you are developing.
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Share with us what you have achieved with our data. It can take the form of a thesis, a software or a new business idea, if there is a fit with us, we will promote it with you!
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More information about our data portfolio
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Discover this project in an on-field laboratory designed to test the performance of different photovoltaic module technologies.
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Wind Farms
Explore what we do with wind energy


See what other users have achieved with our data and share with us what you accomplished.

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Explore our Solar PV, Wind Farm and Thermal Powerplant Data.

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