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EDP aims to attract high potential young talent through the following internships/programs:

EDP Ambassadors: for students that want to develop an extracurricular activity through an experience with EDP, during a school year. 

EDP Summer Internships: for last year bachelor students and first year master students who want to have a first glance at the labor market

EDP Scholar Internships: for those who want to, in a short period of time, deepen their academic training with real work experience

EDP Professional Internships: for bachelor or master graduates who want a deep dive into the working reality through a nine month experience

EDP Recall: with the first edition launched in 2020, Recall will be repeated for several editions in order to provide the best personal and professional development experiences to candidates who, for various reasons, were unable to guarantee an opportunity at the EDP Group (internship candidates summer, professional internships, etc.).

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EDP Summer Internship

If you wish to deepen your knowledge in the job market, learn from the best professionals and contribute with your energy to a challenging project during this summer this program is for you. Start your summer with energy!

edp summer internships

applications are open all year

EDP Professional Internship 2022

If you are a student or a recent graduate looking to deep dive into the job market through a nine month experience, this is the right opportunity for you. Find out more and apply now!


applications open in September

EDP Scholar Internship

This flexible programme is made for students from all academic backgrounds who wish to complement their educational plan or complete their academic thesis. 

scholar intern

a second chance for candidates

EDP Recall

2020 is the first year of this new experience! Recall arises from the need to create and develop opportunities for those who, for various reasons, were unable to guarantee a place in the EDP Group. We talk about candidates for summer internships, professional internships, etc.

Our goal is to provide the best personal and professional development experiences to everyone who wants to do so with the EDP Group.

Careers: Recall for EDP candidates

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EDP Ambassadors

This is a unique opportunity for young university students who had an experience with us and want to develop an extracurricular activity, during a school year, that allows them to deepen their knowledge of the labor market while fostering their academic career.

EDP Ambassadors 2021/2022


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Each edition is a new opportunity for EDP to invite young talents from all over the world to join an outstanding group and be an active part of one of the most compelling Trainee Programs in the market.

Through EDP Trainee Program, we will give new talents the tools to develop themselves professionally and personally. For 7 months they will also have the chance to expand their knowledge and grow their talent with a guarantee of joining EDP group at the end of the program.

Our differences make us stand out from the crowd. And your uniqueness counts.

The applications for the 6th edition closed on 24th of October, 2021.

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About past editions:


EDP Trainee Program

Find out more about the last edition of the EDP Trainee Program and what our trainees have to say about their experience.

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EDP Trainee Program

Find out more about this edition and meet the class of trainees from 2018/19.