Annual Report 2018

We love the world
We love what we do
We love success
We love team work
We love our communities
We love being sustainable
We love the future

A year of promoting clean energy around the world.

A year of energy in constant movement, accessible to all.
We love this universal language, which takes on different shades and shapes. It drives, motivates and challenges us, in a story full of achievement and shared success. Discover how renewable energy is at the heart of what we do, radiating through the wind, sun and water.

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“We were early movers in renewables. As a result, today EDP is uniquely positioned to embrace the challenges of the future and lead the energy transition.”

António Mexia, CEO of EDP Group

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“EDP is in an enviable position, considering the nature and quality of its assets, the skills and technical capacities in the production of renewable energy, and a leading position that the market continues to recognize, making EDP a global reference in the sector.”

Luís Amado, Chairman of the General and Supervisory Board

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We love the world

Clean energy is contagious; it makes us want to explore, expand and innovate. Our renewable energy can be found around the globe, thanks to our adventures in 13 countries across two continents.

Energy is contagious and drives us to explore, create new things and innovate. Our energy reaches the four corners of the world, and we have been experiencing a great adventure in 16 countries, 4 continents. Every step we take, every community we meet, makes us feel a greater connection with nature and everything around us. We are connected to about 11 million people, but we want to continue to grow and spread energy around the world.

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We're over here

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And this is how we are organized


1. Iberia Generation and Supply


of the Group's EBITDA


2. Iberian Networks


of the Group's EBITDA


3. Brazil


of the Group's EBITDA


4. EDP Renováveis


of the Group's EBITDA


from renewable sources

We love what we do

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

— Confucius

We love what we do, and we take pride in every part of the process that helps us bring clean energy to you. The only path to a sustainable future is through hard work and dedication. Want to know how it works?

  • Generation
  • Transport
  • Distribution
  • Supply

of installed capacity which enabled


of net electricity generation

Where does our energy come from?

  • 41%


  • 27


  • 14%


  • 12%


  • 17


This is a new segment in the EDP Group, under development in Brazil. The first grid section started operating in 2018.


of transmission grid under construction


of operating network

80.426 GWh

of distributed electricity


electricity supply points

65.556 GWh

of electricity sold



19.657 GWh

of gas sold



We have avoided

250 t/GWh

of specific CO2emissions

We love success

We have faced a challenging year, but we are always willing to learn. Good results inspire us, bad results encourage us to improve.

2018 results

Financial Data

  • 29%
  • 30%
  • 3.990
  • 3.317
  • 2017
  • 2018


  • EBITDA (€M)
  • OPEX/Gross Profit (%)
  • 0,31
  • 0,14
  • 1.113
  • 519
  • 2017
  • 2018

Net Profit

  • Net Profit (€M)
  • Net Profit per Share (€)
Net Profit Attributable to EDP Equity Shareholders.
  • 67%
  • 60%
  • 1.835
  • 1.707
  • 2017
  • 2018

Net Investments

  • Net Investments (€M)
  • Net Investments in Renewables (%)
Considers CAPEX of EDP Group , organic financial investment €97M (31 Dec 2017: €134m) and financial divestments -€422 (31 Dec 2017: -€24M).
  • 3,3
  • 4,0
  • 13.902
  • 13.480
  • 2017
  • 2018

Net Debt

  • Net Debt (€M)
  • Adjusted Net Debt/EBITDA (x)

And with such a busy schedule, another year has passed. These were some of the dates that helped fill our heart with energy.


7 Mar

EDP signed a 5-year revolving credit facility in the amount of 2.24 billion euros

23 Mar

EDPR sells 20% stake in the UK wind offshore project

27 Abr

EDP Brasil announces auction’s result regarding the voluntary tender offer for the acquisition of preferred shares in CELESC, totaling 19.62% of total share capital

11 Mai

Preliminary offer announcement over EDP by CTG

12 Jun

EDP sells 641 million euros in securitization of electricity tariff deficit in Portugal

20 Jun

EDP issues 750 million euros bond maturing in January 2026

4 Jul

EDP Renováveis is awarded long-term CfD for 45MW of wind capacity at Greek energy auction

9 Oct

EDP issues first green bond in the total amount of 600 million euros and maturing in October 2025

29 Oct

EDP Brasil closes 1.2 billion BRL funding for new transmission line

5 Dec

Fitch affirms EDP at 'BBB-' and the Outlook at stable

7 Dec

EDP sells Portuguese tariff deficit for 384 million euros

14 Dec

Generate and Deliver Clean Energy

19 Dec

EDP concludes the sale of 21 small hydro plants in Portugal

21 Dec

EDP concludes the sale of 8 small hydro plants in Brazil

31 Dec

EDPR announces its first sell down transaction in North America of a 499 MW portfolio of onshore wind assets


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We convert every successful moment into contagious energy.

We meet the challenges that come our way thanks to all employees in the EDP family. The awards we have won together reflect our energy.

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Sustainability is a priority concern in all areas of our value chain. This commitment has been rewarded with our position in various global sustainability indexes.

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We love team work

All those who work with EDP are part of a group which is bursting with energy and fully aware that it would never be complete if anyone was left out.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

— Henry Ford

We are a large family. With over 11,600 employees. We believe everyone's commitment is necessary in order to achieve the most positive results. We are a constantly renewing group and we put several generations side by side. We are thus preparing for the future and investing in the experience and training of each employee.

34 h/p

No. of hours training/employee

-16% vs 2017


No. of accidents with employees

-16% vs 2017


% of female employees
+1 p.p. vs 2017


No. of employees
0% vs 2017


of female employees
in management positions

0 p.p. vs 2017


No. of nationalities of employees

-+3 vs 2017

Say hello to our employee Vasco Amorim, distribution grid electrician.

Thinking about the future, our managers lead the Group aimed at fostering innovation and sustainable growth.

Our board of directors

We love our communities

A family as big as ours is always willing to join forces and help those who need it most. We are committed to use our energy to contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Sometimes, all it takes is some dedication and someone to open the door, unveiling the opportunities available in each community.


No. of hours volunteering
-22% vs 2017


of volunteer investment 0% vs 2017


No. of beneficiary entities
+31% vs 2017

Our employees are delighted to know they are contributing to changing the communities where we operate. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Let's find out what they think?

What does it mean be a volunteer?

Discover one of our project financing and monitoring initiatives - the Traditions Program.

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We love being sustainable

Sustainability is a central part of our mission, vision and values. We work passionately, every day, to deliver on our commitments. The challenges are huge, but we are prepared.

We contribute to the development of the regions where we operate, reduce the greenhouse gases we emit during energy production, and promote energy efficiency.

We want to continue to grow while also meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

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t/GWh Specific CO2emissions

-23% vs 2017


of renewable installed capacity

0 p.p vs 2017


of recovered waste
-15 p.p. vs 2017


of assets certified by ISO 14001*

+8 p.p. vs 2017

We love the future

Every year we try to learn from our mistakes and to do not only more but also better... for ourselves and for you as well. Energy keeps growing, but take a look at the path we have set for ourselves.

The United Nations has drawn up a plan for sustainable development, and we have a vision to make it a reality.

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Every time we make a strategic decision, we think of a more promising future. We must contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

Ready for what comes next?