Changing Tomorrow Now

EDP Annual Report 2020

changing tomorrow now

At EDP, we are in the business of innovating. Our 4 decade long track record has turned us into better energy providers and pioneers of the green evolution. Change has been our driver as we deliver an agile network with more efficient, smart and sustainable solutions. As leaders in the energy transition, we see investment in renewables as an active way to engage with future generations, promoting decarbonisation in energy production and consumption. We are playing our part for a more balanced and sustainable world, one that is inclusive, diverse and humane.

We’re changing tomorrow now.

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We are playing our part

We are consciously taking action to pioneer and promote energy transition, advocating diversity and inclusiveness in our ranks and in the communities in which we operate. We are constantly working towards a more balanced and greener world.

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Our performance in 2020

2020 was a year of strong operating performance, following the trend of the previous years. Compared to 2019, the net profit had a remarkable increase of 56%, while the EBITDA increased 6%.

arrow indicating plus 6 percent regarding ebitda performance
EBITDA – % VS 2019


28% opex / gross profit

arrow indicating a rise of plus 56 percent regarding net profit performance
Net profit – % VS 2019


0,21€ net profit per share

plus 27 percent of net investment
Net investment – % VS 2019


2,9 MM€ gross investments in renewables

minus 13 percent in net debt performance
Net debt – % VS 2019


3,2x adjusted net debt / EBITDA

Renewable energy is leader among our business areas.





Renewable sources continue to be the primary focus in additions to installed capacity.

Changing the world is a team effort

One of our main drivers is our people. We encourage diversity, individual responsibility, while emphasizing teamwork. We are guided by a sense of integrity and a will to make change happen. Aiming for excellence, recognizing talent, merit and investing in the development of our team.

Innovating to power the planet

We are a multinational utility vertically integrated, present throughout the whole value chain of electricity and in the activity of gas supply. We are already present in 19 countries and 4 continents, counting with 12,180 employees.

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Message from the Chairman

We are taking bold steps to protect the future of humanity

and believe we not only have a responsibility to demonstrate real action ourselves, but more importantly an opportunity to set the bar for the industry to meet.

Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade
Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors

edp chairman: Miguel Stilwell D'Andrade

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