21 May 2024
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The EDP Solidária Program was created in 2004.

Last year it evolved into EDP Energia Solidária (Energy Solidarity) and is designed to support social projects that promote a fair energy transition. 

The EDP Solidária Program was sponsored by the EDP Foundation between 2004 and 2021 to support projects aimed at improving the quality of life of socially disadvantaged people and the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion. During this period, it also supported the implementation or maintenance of over 415 projects in every district in the country, with an investment of around €18 million.

In 2023, the program took on the name EDP Energia Solidária, pivoting toward supporting social projects that promote a fair energy transition in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. In that year alone, more than €2 million was invested in social projects. The program was launched in Spain in 2015 and supported 174 projects in that country with an investment of more than €5 million.

In total, the 600 supported projects across Iberia have had a positive impact on the lives of around two million people. EDP thus reinforces its commitment to society through this program, which forms part of the action areas of the group’s EDP YES (You Empower Society) global social impact plan. In 2024, the EDP Energia Solidária Program will continue to support social projects, with applications open until May 31, by promoting a just energy transition and having a positive impact on vulnerable people and groups, social economy workers, students, and isolated communities.

Both for-profit and nonprofit entities can apply, with social projects in areas such as energy inclusion, protection of natural heritage and biodiversity, energy efficiency and renewable energy, or sustainable mobility.

The initiative seeks to strengthen the social ecosystem while creating innovative projects and driving fair energy transition. EDP Energia Solidária and a network of incubator partners will be available to support stakeholders in the creative process and preparation of applications. The winning organizations can also count on support during the project implementation phase from EDP group volunteers.

Get to know the projects and institutions that are part of this program that is changing lives:


Ecolive project

Developed by educational cooperative Cercipeniche, the Ecolive project’s mission is to offer a program of innovative and sustainable therapies and social solidarity.
Porto Senior Geocaching

Geocaching Sénior Porto

A project that combines the excitement of riding an adapted bicycle with the discovery of iconic places in the city of Porto.
#SomosEnergia Project


The #SomosEnergia (WeAre Energy) project aims to develop technical and interpersonal skills in young NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training), empowering them to play an active role in the energy transition of their communities.
Project Terra

Project Terra

In a world where the urgency of sustainability becomes increasingly evident, Project Terra has emerged as an initiative that aims to transform the way we view environmental education in schools.
El Pueblo Me Alimenta Project

El Pueblo me alimenta

The main objective of the project is to support small farmers by creating a network and enabling them to take their products directly to consumers.
De Molina Artesanas Alimentarias

De Molina Artesanas Alimentarias

De Molina is an artisanal company with two sisters at the helm, Concha and Antonia, that has embarked on an important journey towards more sustainable forms of production.
Abidanza Energy Community

Abidanza Energy Community

Local energy communities are fast becoming a reality in this paradigm shift towards decentralized energy.
EDP Energia Viva Project

EDP Energia Viva

This project was conceived with the aim of promoting cross-cutting actions that address the energy, social, and environmental issues, committing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in schools.

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