EDP at Web Summit 2019

Innovation plays a key role in EDP's strategy and in the way we look into the future.

We believe that open innovation is the road to finding disruptive technologies and business models that can make a difference in our industry, together with entrepreneurs, startups and the tech community.

We invest in venture capital through EDP Ventures and we have a tech startup acceleration program run by EDP Starter.

3 days of many ideas

For the 2019 edition of the Web Summit, EDP challenged the tech community to pitch their most innovative solutions to help power the energy transition and +400 entrepreneurs and startups dared to knock us out with their mind-blowing ideas.

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The EDP area at the Web Summit

edp knockout pitch

Ideas that are strong enough to win

We have an actual rink where you can show us the power of your idea. You have one minute to pitch your idea and surprise the EDP team with your innovative solutions for the energy industry.

We will be waiting for you at the FIL2 pavilion.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Do you want to be the next unicorn?

The dream of any startup

Prepare your best smile and imagine you're the next Unicorn. Dreaming is easy and it will look good in the picture Visit our area and ride our unicorn. Your photo will be posted on our Facebook page.

Join us and share on your social networks!

CEO EDP on planet:tech

‘Reshaping business to save the planet’

António Mexia talked about open innovation, support to startups and the energy transition challenges on planet:tech stage.

edp starter acceleration program

and the winner is...

Do you want to meet the EDP Starter Acceleration Program winner? Finalist startups from the European, Latin American and North American modules will present their pitch at the Pitch Stage (FIL2 pavilion) on November 6 at 4.15 pm.

This year's winner will be announced at the end of the pitch session.

Come watch!

Meet the EDP Starter Acceleration Program finalist startups

Web Summit is also a unique opportunity for startups that want to take their first steps in the tech world and expose their projects.

This year, EDP brings its international acceleration program's finalist startups to the world's largest entrepreneurship showcase.

Drop by the Beta Booth space at the FIL2 Pavilion to meet them in person.

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Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy deliver demand response and energy storage capacity at scale through aggregating residential electric water heaters with their controller and software at significant cost advantages over batteries.

LexX Tecnologies

LexX Technologies have developed an intelligent assistant, LexX, that has been purpose-built to bring experience, knowledge and learning to Maintenance Technicians, enabling optimal availability and efficiency from critical business assets.


HESStec is a technological solution provider, pioneering hybrid energy storage solutions and grid assets optimization systems. Their solutions have utility scale, RES penetration, commercial and industrial and microgrids applications.


TRATO is a CLM that offers a one-stop place for legal agreements. It focuses on relieving the stress of creating contracts and enables an easy-to-use interface to manage all legal agreements. Electronic contracts and signatures allow you to receive notifications of key deadlines and add legal support by using the advantages of blockchain technology. Streamlined workflows allow operational and sales areas to create, manage, execute, store and report on all types of contracts, communicating with lawyers more efficiently and allowing the former to focus their valuable time on more strategic task.


Colab is citizen-to-government engagement platform that offers a social network for citizens, focused on issue reporting, urban improvement suggestions and public services evaluations, as well as participation in the decision making process. For governments, Colab.re offers workflow management, CRM, consultation tools and decision making tools.

Loud Voice Services

Loud builds a conversation chamber that allows an orchestration of an actual conversation between bots and humans, enabling businesses to create quality voice experiences with a variety of services on the market, creating the best experience for their business in a simple way. Plug and play. They deliver a Marketplace connecting all services, vendors and user interfaces from the voice ecosystem enabling companies to build conversational experiences.

in 2018 was like this...

Watch a video that brings together the best moments of EDP's presence at the previous Web Summit edition.

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