EDP Labelec launches a service designed to optimize time and resources when testing metering systems in medium voltage installations

Exclusive Advantages for Customers:

Saving time and resources

Efficient coordination of primary injection tests and metering verification in a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple visits to the installation.

Reduced risk of rework and additional costs

Errors detected in the protection systems will be immediately corrected, without the need to remove the seals or recheck the metering systems, thus avoiding additional costs and unnecessary logistical efforts.


Technical excellence and professionalism

Our highly qualified and experienced teams, guarantee the precise and efficient execution of tests, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.


We are confident that this pioneering service will simplify processes for our customers, setting a new standard of excellence in the provision of power grid systems testing services.

By offering this integrated service, EDP Labelec reaffirms its commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

In the way to an efficient electrical system!

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