Development and implementation of new urban charging solutions

The Be.Neutral Agenda's ambition is to position Portugal as an exporter of zero-carbon urban mobility products around the world. It was designed to develop, industrialize and operate new mobility products and services (physical devices, connectivity and data platforms), with the objective of decreasing transport emissions and accelerating carbon neutrality by 2030.

    Key Data:

    Consortium lider: NOS Comunicações, S.A

    Total investment (agenda): 221.376.867,92€

    European Union Financial support (agenda): 128.191.402,26€ (NextGenerationEU)

    Funding package: Green agendas for business Innovation

    Start date: 1 october 2021

    End date: 31 december 2025

    Agenda total investment: 221.376.867,92€

    Funded entity 1: EDP Inovação

    Total investment EDP Inovação: 306.329, 95 €

    Financial support for EDP Inovação: 122.764, 77 €

    Funded entity 2: EDP Comercial

    Total investment EDP Comercial: 1.169.963,97 €

    Financial support for EDP Comercial: 467.337,57 €

    Learn more about the Recovery and Resilience Plan here.

    Objectives and expected results

    Project: Ubiquitous Charging

    The participation of the EDP group is essential for the development and implementation of new urban charging solutions that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in densely populated areas.

    On the one hand, EDP Inovação aims to develop, test and industrialize a new optimized charger to be integrated into the urban landscape, enabling the creation of an extensive public charging network. On the other hand, EDP Comercial will demonstrate different innovative charging solutions in real environment, both in private and public applications. 

    Cofunded by:

    Republica Portuguesa