E-hub na Câmara da Maia

EDP and Maia City Hall create largest EV charging hub in a MOBI.E municipality

Thursday 04, March 2021

Drivers can now charge their electric vehicles in Maia's downtown area. This partnership between EDP Comercial and Maia City Hall is a good example of cooperation between public and private entities for the development of electric mobility in Portugal.

EDP Comercial and Maia City Hall have just created the largest public charging hub in a municipality connected to MOBI.E. This hub will be a decisive contribution to the charging options available to EV customers in the municipality and help build a cleaner and more sustainable city. The hub is located next to Fórum da Maia, in one of the city's most central areas.

EV users now have nine charging points available. One of them is a fast charging point, which allows users to recharge 100 km of range in just half an hour. This charging hub is part of the regional authority's energy transition strategy, which is anchored in the project 'BaZe|Maia Living Lab - Net Zero Carbon City.'

To EDP Comercial, this is yet another important step to accelerate electric mobility in Portugal and achieve the goal of leading the energy transition process, with the company expecting to exceed 1,000 charging points by the end of the year. EDP has been spearheading the development of charging solutions in public spaces and was the operator with the highest charging infrastructure growth in 2020. EDP is also the company with the largest number of EV customers and has already issued more than 25,000 EDP Electric Mobility cards

To date, 125,000 charges have been made at the EDP Comercial stations included in the MOBI.E network, preventing the emission of over 1,100 metric tons of CO2. The adoption of electric mobility through the various types of vehicles available to private and business consumers is one of the keys to meeting the ambitious European and domestic decarbonization targets.

More options available to electric mobility customers 

The expansion of the public charging network across the country will also be decisive in addressing the increase in the number of electric vehicles circulating in Portugal, which in 2020 accounted for almost 14% of passenger vehicle sales. Over the next two months, EDP Comercial will be offering all energy customers a 25% discount on out-of-home charges - with 100% green energy.

In February, another eight charging points started operations at Lisbon's Luz Hospital - a partnership that brings smart mobility to yet another essential service.