EDP distinguished with a level of excellence as a familiarly responsible company

Tuesday 28, May 2019

The company offers about 150 measures to employees to balance personal and professional life.

EDP is the first Portuguese company to be distinguished with the level of excellence as a familiarly responsible company, receiving the certificate frc. Over the years, EDP has been implementing various measures to reconcile the personal and professional life of its employees. In total, there are almost 150 initiatives, developed internally and in partnership with other companies, that promote a fundamental balance in the lives of the workers.

The existence of structured programs such as the Conciliar Program, the Volunteer Program, and policies such as Ethics and Diversity reinforce this position and have made EDP recognized again as a company frc (Familiarly Responsible Company) for one more triennium. Since 2013 the Portuguese company has been certified as frc by the Fundación Más Familia, according to the norm frc 1000-1, through an evaluation of its conciliation model that contributes to the culture of conciliation in companies.

EDP believes that reconciling work and family life is fundamental to achieving more competitive businesses and a fairer society based on flexibility, respect and equal opportunities. Therefore, it will continue to work to be an frc company, investing and deepening its strategic vision on this topic, and challenging its stakeholders.

Currently, in Portugal, EDP operates in six pillars that it considers important for the life of its employees: family support, professional and personal development, temporal and spatial flexibility, equal opportunities, quality of work environment and leadership and management style.

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