The EDP Group promotes its sustainability goals and objectives for the years 2026 and 2030 which

are extended to its business partners.

The goals directly related to the supply chain are decarbonization, data transparency, gender equity, human rights & ethics, environmental protection and health & Safety. 

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2025 Objectives and Goals


Sustainability Policies

Organization and Business Areas

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The procurement strategy implements the EDP Group's environmental, social and governance objectives in the selection and management of suppliers.

Present in 20 countries through different business units, the EDP Group works with 13 thousand suppliers qualified by standard ESG criteria . For around 1500 suppliers that develop projects, provide services or sell goods and equipment critical to the success of the activity, the EDP Group also develops specific ESG selection, auditing and evaluation programs .

In the selection and management of the contractual relationship with suppliers, the EDP Group implements sustainability procedures, in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 20400 . The Global Procurement Unit (UPG) is responsible for implementing the Group's sustainable procurement policies.

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The EDP Group reports the progress of its goals in the management of sustainable procurement annually through the Sustinability Report.

The Sustainability Report contains comprehensive information regarding the segmentation and analysis of purchases.

Download the 2020 report below.