In accordance with applicable legislation and best market practices, the EDP Group provides the Irregularities Communication Channel, through which you can report irregularities associated with two major issues -- money laundering/terrorism financing and financial matters. 

All communications are treated independently and confidentially, guaranteeing the protection of your personal data, in accordance with the channel's privacy policy. Anonymity of the person making the communication will also be ensured if this option is checked on the respective form.

The platform that supports the channel has security and encryption mechanisms for all information, allowing the establishment of a two-way communication/interaction with the respective authors while maintaining anonymity. 
The management process of received communications goes through the following phases:

The decision to make a communication must always be made consciously, thoughtfully and honestly.

The authors of the communications, who act in good faith, will be ensured not to be subject to retaliation, even if the facts reported are not accurate or do not give rise to any judicial process.

The EDP Group will guarantee a response to all communicated situations.

To report irregularities, click here.

Consult the Regulation on Whistleblowing Procedures