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Energy Access Fund

Approximately 789 million people still lack access to electricity and about 3 billion people rely on wood, charcoal, crop waste and coal for cooking and heating based.

Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy is vital for social and economic development and to power sustainable growth. It is needed to improve livelihood in developing countries, ensuring access to clean water, cooking and health care. Sustainable energy also powers agriculture, commerce and industry, thus creating prosperity, jobs and opportunities. Likewise, addresses environmental degradation and tackles climate change.

We are committed to promoting Access to Energy.

As a reference electric utility and our vocation of openness to the world and sustainability, we are committed to promoting Access to Energy (A2E) in developing countries, focusing on remote regions and rural areas with no connection to the electricity grid, and helping communities to break their poverty cycle.

Starting as a CSR initiative, turned into a Program “A2E – Access to Energy for Development” focused on social investments, commercially-viable projects and consulting services.

In 2018, we defined new strategic guidelines and a new vision for A2E: to promote sustainable energy for all, as a profitable A2E operator in the off-grid rural emerging market, centering its efforts on investments in A2E companies, complemented with CSR activities, namely the set-up of the A2E CSR Fund, aimed at alleviating energy poverty by supporting sustainable and clean energy projects in remote rural areas.

Energy Access Fund Program

The A2E Fund Program is aimed to alleviate energy poverty by supporting sustainable and clean energy projects in developing countries.

Access to Energy Fund Program

3rd edition - applications are now closed

Applications for the 3rd edition of Access to Energy Fund Program are now closed.

Stay tuned for the next stage!

We look forward to implement great projects in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Access to Energy Fund Program

3rd edition - registrations are now closed

Stay tuned for the next stage!

We believe that the future is electric and renewable, and that sustainability can make a difference in the lives of many people who are in remote locations without access to energy.

Therefore, we have 500 thousand euros to invest in sustainable and clean energy projects in developing countries, which help to alleviate the energy poverty of our planet.

In this edition, we will support projects that are located in these countries:

  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Angola
  • Rwanda

Activity areas

Projects must address one of these areas of activity:

Access to energy areas
Áreas de atuação Fundo A2E
Áreas atuação A2E


A2E Fund - 3rd edition

Frequently asked questions

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Who can apply?

Non-profit and for-profit organizations can apply. Individuals or groups of persons are not eligible for funding.
Organizations must be legally incorporated and registered for over 2 years. 

Do Applicants must be registered in the implementation country?

Project promoters may be from any country in the world, however the projects must be implemented in the countries stated in the Call for Proposals: Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and Rwanda.
Please note that local partnerships are very relevant for the evaluation of the proposed project.

How can we apply?

Applications will be managed via the online platform Check the document A2E CSR Fund Instructions for more information.

Which energy resources are eligible?

Clean energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind, biomass. Fossil fuels, unproven solutions or early stage development are not eligible for funding.

What type of projects are eligible?

The Fund will focus on five major topics for which energy makes a key contribution: education, health, water and agriculture, business and community. The description in each line of action on the webpage and Regulation are just mere examples of potential projects, it is not limited to those. More projects can fit in the categories. Check the past editions for more information on the type of supported projects.

My organization is opening a new branch. Can the expansion for a new region/market be considered as an eligible project?

If the project submitted focus solely on the expansion and commercial activities, not taking into account all criteria for selection (social impact, partnerships, etc.) and for instance, the majority of the co-funding requested is for Human Resources or development expenses to open stores, it will not be considered.

Our organization does not have an Annual Activity Report as requested.

This section refers to the Financial statements and/or when applicable activity report. 

How do you select which projects to fund?

Projects are reviewed according to the criteria stated in the Regulation: social relevance and impact; ability to implement; partnerships; sustainability; expansion; nº of beneficiaries; and, cost/benefits. 
If any clarification or additional information is needed during the analysis of the proposed project, the A2E team will communicate with the Applicants via email. The final decision will be made through a committee of experts. 
The selected and unselected projects will be notified by email with the final decision. 

What are EDP contractual requirements?

A Collaboration Agreement will be signed between EDP and the Lead Applicant. The Agreement will include the detailed budget, timeline, milestones and reporting requirements, adjusted to the project and agreed before signing. 

Access to Energy Fund Program

3rd edition - registrations are now closed

Stay tuned for the next stage!

Access to Energy Fund Program


The EDP Energy Access Fund is part of our commitment to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7, defined by the United Nations, which aims to ensure reliable, sustainable and modern access to energy, at an affordable price for all.

SDG 7 - affordable and clean energy