EDP Internacional
Energy consulting projects in Cape Verde

Study for the implementation of Smart Grids in Cape Verde

In 2017 EDP Internacional was involved in the 'Smart Grids Deployment Roadmap', the purpose of which was to support the progressive implementation of smart grids in Cape Verde. The project was a Lux Development (Luxembourg Cooperation Agency) initiative under the Renewable Energy Sector Support Program (PASER).

This program aims to strengthen and improve the sector's governance (regulatory, technical, economic and environmental frameworks), benefiting both the electricity sector's organizations and any stakeholders interested in the topic of Renewable Energies in Cape Verde.

EDP's participation took place following an international tender competition held by Lux Development, which involved consulting firms from countries such as Germany, Luxembourg and the United States.

The 'Deployment Roadmap' study prepared by EDP included:

  • Survey of the situation of the country's electricity sector;
  • Analysis of the feasibility of introducing smart grid technologies in the country;
  • Outline of future steps for a progressive and successful implementation of smart grid technologies in Cape Verde.

The project involved several missions of EDP experts for visits to key players in the country's electricity sector: government agencies, regulatory bodies, the national electricity company (ELECTRA), wind and photovoltaic producers, subcontractors, and micro-producers. Technical visits to Santiago Island included Palmarejo and Gamboa power plants, as well as several substations, transformation stations, and the Skills Center for Renewable Energies and Industrial Maintenance.

The EDP Internacional team was also involved in the 3rd Workshop of the PASER Program Follow-up Committee, held in Praia with various Cape Verdean civil society participants, to present and discuss the results of the project with the different stakeholders.

Establishment of new laboratories by ELECTRA

In 2018 EDP Internacional partnered with Siemens Portugal to assist ELECTRA (Cape Verde's electricity company) in the establishment of two laboratories aimed at improving energy-related skills in the country. 
Built from scratch at ELECTRA's facilities, the two laboratories are equipped with testing technology for metering systems, protection systems and primary equipment assessment technology, constituting a decisive step for the evolution of the electricity sector in the country. EDP Internacional was the company responsible for training ELECTRA's staff.

Funded by the European Investment Bank, the 'Complete Laboratories Training and Supervision of Installation' project provided state-of-the-art equipment and upgraded the skills of ELECTRA's staff in this particular field.