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36 months
Overall Budget    
8 M€    
18 partners
7 members states



DTOceanPlus is a project to accelerate the expansion of the Ocean Energy sector by developing a suite of 2nd generation advanced design tools for the selection, development and deployment of ocean energy systems.

The developed suite of tools will reduce the technical and financial risks to achieve the deployment of cost-competitive wave and tidal arrays. This will be focused on rapidly reducing the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE).

DTOceanPlus will achieve this by improving the reliability, performance and survivability of ocean energy systems and by analysing the impact of the design on energy yield, O&M and environment, making the sector more attractive for private investment.

Moreover, this suite of tools will be designed as a user-friendly product and made freely available as open-source to the entire ocean energy sector, thus ensuring the maximum impact and usability of the tools.

The outputs of DTOceanPlus will be relevant and of great value to a wide group of key stakeholders including policy makers, regulators, standards bodies, insurance providers and the supply chain. This will contribute to the strengthening of the European industrial technology base, job growth and European competitiveness.



  • Producing a refined specification of the needs of ocean energy design tool users.
  • Developing an integrated suite of advanced design tools that will compose a user-friendly product:
    • Technology concept selection will be facilitated by a Structured Innovation design tools,
    • Technology development will be enabled by a Stage-gate design tool, and
    • Deployment optimisation will be implemented by Deployment and Assessment design tools.
  • Validating the suite of tools in the setting of real-world projects, with access being granted by the project’s industrial and commercial partners.
  • Developing a knowledge base to encourage new or improved business and management models for the ocean energy sector.
  • Ensuring awareness and dispersion of project results and knowledge throughout the ocean energy sector.    



  • Led by Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation
  • NEWR&D/ Labelec leads the integration and demonstration of the design tools