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"EDP Mar Sem Fim" (EDP Endless Sea) opens its 2nd edition and awards

Wednesday 03, June 2015

Exploration grants reinforced for the next big wave season.

'EDP Mar Sem Fim', a pioneering project for the discovery of unknown and unexplored big waves in Portugal, has just presented its second exploration season. In a ceremony that took place at the Lisbon Oceanarium, 'Best Surfer for the 2014/2015 XXL Season' was awarded to Nicolau Von Rupp. Applications for Exploration Grants for 2015/2016 were also opened.

After a first year focused exclusively on exploration in the Azores, the 'EDP Mar Sem Fim' will expand expeditions to other areas of Continental Portugal focusing on the best waves. The project will explore sites with the potential for big waves, promoting the advertising of these sites as prime tourist destinations for surfing in general and perfect big wave surfing in particular.

The assignment of exploration grants to surfers who submit the best applications for exploration, mission and discovery is another aspect of this project. In order to enhance the importance of this project in supporting surfers' careers, the organization has decided to increase the value of the grants and add a new grant category. For the 2015/2016 big wave season therefore, surfers will have the opportunity to apply for the following grants on the project's official website:

The 'XXL' grant worth 3,000 Euros - Projects for searching for big waves in Portugal with the aim of obtaining Billabong XXL nominations.

The 'TOUR' grant worth 3,000 Euros - Projects submitted with the main goal of participating in worldwide big wave events.

The 'ROOKIE' grant worth 750 Euros + an invitation to the Expedition - Projects submitted by surfers under the age of 21 (at the closing date for applications) where the focus is on perfect big wave paddle-in surfing.

The 'GIRL' grant worth 750 Euros + an invitation to the Expedition - Projects submitted by female surfers.

Best Surfer of the XXL 2014/2015 Season

At this same ceremony, the 'EDP Mar Sem Fim' organization awarded Nicolau Von Rupp 'Best Surfer of the XXL 2014/2015 Season' with a prize of 2,000 Euros. This distinction was due to several XXL paddle-in sessions made by the 25-year old Portuguese surfer especially in Ireland in March 2015.

The surfer bested two other finalists, Joana Andrade and António Rodrigues, following a first-round vote held by the public on Facebook with over 4,000 votes and the final decision from a jury of surf personalities including Miguel Ruivo, André Pedroso, André Carvalho, João Valente and Nuno Jonet.

For Mário Almeida of the EDP Mar Sem Fim organization, 'The expectations for the second season of exploration are very high, so we believe this is a very important step for the consolidation and sustainability of the project. After a year of hard work, the balance has been positive in all aspects and we therefore take this opportunity to give thanks to our partners, particularly EDP, to all surfers who have joined us in this adventure and, of course, to the public who participated massively in the Surfer of the Season's voting. We are ready for the next winter.'

EDP Mar Sem Fim is back to sea in September for the first autumn mission, 'Winter is coming', with the winners of the 2015/2016 Exploration Grants will be revealed later in October.

About EDP Mar Sem Fim:

EDP Mar Sem Fim (EDP Endless Sea) is a pioneering project that seeks to discover perfect, unknown and unexplored big waves, and which also aims to work as a platform for visibility, communication and advertisement for Portuguese big wave surfers, promoting the development of surf and tourism in Portugal. The project aims primarily to develop big wave surfing in the country through a series of explorations with some of the best and most established big wave surfers in Portugal complemented by the award of exploration grants to surfers who best meet the project goals.

For more news and information about EDP Mar Sem Fim, visit the official website.