EDP and Águas de Portugal will restructure Guinea-Bissau's state-owned company

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EDP and Águas de Portugal will restructure Guinea-Bissau's state-owned company

Wednesday 21, November 2018

The consultancy project agreement will be funded by the World Bank and was signed today in Bissau. The consortium includes Portuguese consulting firm Leadership Business Consulting.

EDP, Águas de Portugal Internacional and the Portuguese consulting firm Leadership Business Consulting have won an international tender - held by the government of Guinea-Bissau and funded by the World Bank - to provide technical assistance in the modernization and restructuring of EAGB, Guinea-Bissau's electricity and water company. The 3-year contract will enable the state-owned company to manage its resources and customer relationships more efficiently.

The state company, which is responsible for producing, transporting and distributing water and electricity across the country, supplies the urban area of the capital, Bissau. The company is estimated to serve some 450,000 customers - about 25% of the country's population. 

The assistance provided by the EDP-led consortium will enable several improvements in EAGB's distribution networks and reduce electricity and water losses, which are currently undermining the company's goals. The team will also help restructure the EAGB database and modernize the company's customer service and billing system. Water treatment and quality analysis will also be improved. The agreement also includes assistance in connection with the financial and human resources area. 

The purpose of this project is to help EAGB improve the management of its human, technical and commercial resources while also providing customers with a more efficient service. In order to ensure close monitoring of the project, the Portuguese consortium will send five experts to work with the company's management team in Guinea-Bissau. The project further includes a pool of 13 experts who will carry out technical missions across the country.

"This is a very stimulating challenge for EDP, which, as a worldwide leading energy company, will have the opportunity to implement the industry's best practices in a Portuguese-speaking African country. We want to endow EAGB with the necessary knowledge and tools to leverage the company's transformation and modernization process. In terms of electricity, the project's main goal is to strengthen the grid and improve service quality," said EDP Internacional CEO João Marques da Cruz. 

"This project is extremely relevant to the Águas de Portugal Group, as it will allow us to improve the skills of EAGB technicians over the next three years; we will provide technical assistance to all areas of the company, much in the same way as we have been doing in other Portuguese-speaking countries," says Águas de Portugal Internacional CEO Cláudio de Jesus.

Leadership Business Consulting partner José Pedro Melo believes that "our goal is to leave a legacy, that is, a set of tools and instruments that will contribute not only to the strengthening of EAGB's position as an anchor company in the country, but also to the development of Guinea-Bissau's people and businesses."

The €3.9 million agreement will be funded by the World Bank and was signed today in Bissau by the country's Minister of Energy, Natural Resources and Industry, as well as by EDP Internacional, Águas de Portugal Internacional and Leadership Business Consulting representatives, in the presence of the country's Prime Minister Aristides Gomes.

About EAGB
EAGB is Guinea-Bissau's state-owned electricity and water company. The company was created in 1983 and is responsible for producing, transporting and distributing water and electricity across the country It operates under the authority of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Natural Resources. In 2016 the company produced 78.4 million kW and 11.4 mm3 of water. The company's income in the same year stood at 11.3 million CFA francs, about €1.7 million.

About EDP Internacional
EDP Internacional is the company that handles consultancy projects in the markets where the EDP Group's generation, distribution, transmission and trading segments do not operate. EDPI implements international projects as a provider of value-added services, leveraging the EDP Group's unique experience throughout the electricity value chain. All EDPI projects aim at developing the electrical systems of the countries where it operates and at improving operational efficiency and results while securing the long-term engagement of local communities. Several EDPI projects are currently underway in Cape Verde, Ghana, Macau, Mozambique, and São Tomé and Principe.

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About Águas de Portugal
The Águas de Portugal Group operates in international markets through AdP Internacional, a company created in 2001 with the goal of providing services and supporting cooperation initiatives for the development of the water supply and sanitation sector. Capitalizing on the experience, know-how and technological solutions of the AdP Group, the company contributes to the expansion of the domestic water sector while also focusing on the implementation of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

About Leadership Business Consulting
Leadership Business Consulting (LBC) is an international management consulting and digital transformation company of Portuguese origin. The company has worked on over 950 projects in 12 countries (Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, UK, US), 148 of which in the energy, water and environment sectors.