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António Mexia in Davos to discuss sustainable mobility solutions

Friday 25, January 2019

The CEO of EDP was present at the World Economic Forum Summit, which annually brings together global leaders from governments, companies and organizations. The CEO of EDP was part of the panel "Building a Clean Mobility Future" in the area of sustainable mobility.

This year's Davos Summit discusses Globalization 4.0 - the evolution of a globalization based on common values ??to a global architecture, integrating, in an inclusive and sustainable manner, the different regional and national concerns.

António Mexia contributed with concrete proposals for the urgent decarbonization of the transport sector: "The electrification of the world's economies from renewable energy production, together with improvements in energy efficiency, are the main solutions in the fight against climate change. And the electrification of transports is a very important part of this movement. The energy sector is at the epicenter of this change and EDP stands out for its commitment to the leadership of the private organizations with regard to sustainable development. EDP's global contributions in the fight against climate change are unequivocal today, for example in the development of renewable energies or the decarbonisation of transport", he concludes.

In conjunction with the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), of which EDP is a member, launched Transforming Urban Mobility (TUM), a new flagship mobility project that aims to make urban mobility cleaner and more sustainable. EDP is one of the global companies brought together by TUM to address key issues that affect cities around the world in terms of their mobility systems, in order to make the transition to safer and cleaner mobility that is both more accessible and more efficient. 

During his presence in Davos, the CEO of EDP was interviewed by CNBC. Watch this interview here.