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EDP distinguished as the best marketer in Spain

Tuesday 02, July 2019

Selectra, the leading energy tariff comparator in Spain and France, has for the first time awarded the 'Prémios Confiança' ("Confidence Awards") to the best companies in the sector on the Spanish market. EDP scored the highest rating among marketers.

EDP was distinguished as the best commercial company of the year in Spain, according to Selectra, an energy tariff comparator, which for the first time attributed the 'Trust Awards' to the best energy companies operating in the Spanish market.

The comparator involved a series of evaluation criteria and also a survey of 1,558 consumers. EDP was awarded the maximum score of 84.48%, which earned it the distinction in the category of best marketer of the year. Iberdrola, with 78.6%, and Holaluz, with 72.1%, occupy the following places of the classification.

Among the various evaluation criteria used by Selectra to select the 'Best Distributor' are the quality of service, the clarity of the offer and the availability of information to the consumer, according to surveys made between May 1 and May 19, 2019. The number of complaints per 100 points of contact with the supplier (according to the CNMC's 2017 report, the Spanish entity that supervises the markets and the competition), and the amount of time dedicated to the client by telephone, were also evaluated.

Javier Sáenz de Jubera, Managing Director of EDP Spain, points out that "in the commercial area there are more than 300 people who work every day to improve the experience of our customers." Therefore, "it is an honor to know that the distinction we were awarded highlights all aspects in a homogeneous way. This recognition reinforces our strategy and encourages us to continue working on a proposal of broad and flexible value, with the customer at the center of all our actions," he underlines.

In addition to the 'Best Distributor of Energy of the Year', Selectra still distinguished the best companies in two other categories: the 'Greenest Distributor' and 'Best Distributor'.