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EDP is a finalist in three categories of the Best Event Awards

Monday 21, October 2019

The brand activation in music and sports and the EDP Cool Jazz festival are running for the grand prize in Sustainability, Technological Innovation and Best Festival categories.

With a clear and continuous focus on music and sport, EDP has increasingly established itself as “the official energy of music” and “the official energy of sport.” It was through this strategy that the new positioning of the brand in these sponsorship areas was realised in 2019: Let's Go. This communication motto became a rallying invitation that led hundreds of people to the brand-supported music festivals and sporting competitions.

From this position, EDP presented at the NOS Alive festival the philosophy and unprecedented structure that accompanied the brand in all music and sports events. For the first time at a national festival, innovative trucks were docked together, creating a unique space for sharing and fun, all home to EDP and its visitors at summer concerts. This space continues to provide memories for those seeking fun and differentiating experiences at EDP-sponsored events. 

Sustainability is one of the company's priorities and, therefore, this event was developed with concern for the environment negating the need for the building of additional structures and having to dismantle these before and after the festivals. Being self-sufficient in this sense results in cost saving and reducing the environmental impact compared to the best known development methods generally used in these events. In order to promote the use of renewable energies, another of EDP's pillars, photovoltaic films, were placed outside, which enabled energy supply to some equipment during the events.

For these reasons, which combine innovation, sustainability and support for culture and sport, EDP was chosen to be shortlisted in the categories of Sustainability and Technological Innovation in the BEA Awards, a competition that will distinguish the best in the world in the area of events.

In addition to brand activation, the EDP Cool Jazz festival is also nominated for an award in the category of Best Festival.