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EDP enters the European Alliance for Green Recovery to defend a sustainable economic recovery

Tuesday 14, April 2020

António Mexia was the only Portuguese CEO to sign a letter in favor of a 'green recovery' post-Covid-19 crisis.

EDP, through its CEO António Mexia, is the only Portuguese company to subscribe to the European Alliance for Green Recovery, an initiative by the European Parliament's Environmental Committee; it brings together 180 important figures, with the aim of implementing solutions to restart the economy post-Covid-19 crisis.

The idea was introduced by Pascal Canfin, who is responsible for the European Parliament's Environment Committee, and was signed by ministers from 11 countries, 79 MEPs from 17 countries, 37 CEOs (António Mexia among them), 28 business associations representing 10 different sectors, several confederations representing 90 national unions and 10 union federations, seven non-governmental organizations and six think tanks.

In the context of the economic crisis caused by the global health crisis, the alliance pledges to contribute to the investment decisions necessary to protect and create more jobs, and to support all companies, regions and sectors that are suffering from a forced shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal is for recovery to take place without jeopardizing climate neutrality and healthy ecosystems, the members of this alliance call for the mobilization of post-crisis green investment packages and pledge to work together to create recovery plans and transformation plans that promote the fight against climate change as a strategic pillar of the economy.

As the only Portuguese company that signed the European Alliance for Green Recovery, EDP reinforces its commitment to the major goals of promoting sustainability and combating climate change, as well as increasing its ability to create jobs, mobilize cooperation and generate innovation.