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Cleaner Energy

We want to maximize the performance of renewable energies

To maintain leadership in the renewable energies sector, we know that we need to anticipate market trends and opportunities, analyze emerging technologies, and be efficient in managing our generation portfolio.

Thus, the activities in the Cleaner Energy sector focus on identifying an efficient and diversified portfolio of renewable energy sources to maximize its performance and value. EDP's investment in this area is in line with the EU's ambitious decarbonization goals, thus creating new opportunities for the growth of low-carbon projects. 

Some of our clean energy innovation projects:

How do we operate?

Renewable Technology

Currently, the challenge is to ensure that the energy production portfolio is efficient, which is done by diversifying sources of electricity generation and reducing its production costs.

To this end, we are working on testing new photovoltaic technologies, optimizing the CAPEX of floating platforms for offshore wind power production, and analyzing other more immature technologies with the potential to play an important role in renewable energy generation. 

Automated Processes and Scanning

Automating processes and digitalization are two important areas in managing generation assets to reduce operating costs. With the latest information technologies and processing capacity, it is possible to extract more information from assets to manage them more efficiently. Our role is to identify and implement solutions to optimize asset management.

We promote the maximization of clean energies

Focusing on this area allows us to develop technologies and solutions that make it easier to decarbonize sectors that are difficult to electrify. To this end, we are analyzing other energy vectors such as hydrogen, which allows us to benefit from our renewable generation portfolio to produce green hydrogen and address other sectors of the market.


Our investments in Startups:

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A smart maintenance platform that optimizes the production of renewable energy assets.

Enging / Gualter Sampaio, Marco Ferreira

Enging is specialised in innovative industrial asset condition monitoring solutions for electrical motor and power transformers, focusing on the latest IIoT technologies. All the technologies developed are non-invasive and detect the main faults in these assets through a new predictive maintenance technique only based on electrical variables. These monitoring technologies were fully developed by Enging, being a pioneering technology in the market, highlighted by the advantages compared to the other existing technologies. Participants: Gualter Sampaio (Business Development Manager) -, Marco Ferreira (CEO) -


Augmented reality tools that provide real-time data access and management.


Maximizing the performance of electricity production assets through customized Artificial Intelligence models.