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Solidarity Solar - Portugal

In Portugal, providing access to solar energy to underprivileged families and communities

The Solidarity Solar project started in 2022 in the neighborhood of Cova da Moura, a community located on the outskirts of Lisbon, which faces challenges related to the lack of basic infrastructure, namely electricity. Ensuring access to renewable energy in communities that do not have adequate electrical infrastructure is one of the objectives of EDP's solidarity project. In this first action of the EDP project, around 150 families in the neighborhood each received two solar panels for energy production and an efficient refrigerator as a complement.

Here, the Solidarity Solar project has been developed together with four organizations that work in the neighborhood: the Residents Association, the Social Solidarity Association, Moinho da Juventude and Nasce e Renasce. If, on the one hand, this support was fundamental to carry out the whole action, on the other hand, “these EDP initiatives could be an example for many companies to follow. Without them, it would be very difficult for us to achieve our goals”, reiterates Carlos Rolo, from the Alto da Cova da Moura Social Solidarity Association. EDP has also promoted the training and qualification of beneficiaries, essential to guarantee the proper use and maintenance of the installed systems.

The Solidarity Solar project in Cova da Moura is an example of how solar energy can contribute to promoting sustainability and social inclusion in vulnerable communities, ensuring clean and sustainable access to electricity and promoting local development. The success of this edition dictates its continuity – and this is just the first of several similar projects planned for other areas of Portugal.

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Solidarity Solar
This project is part of an international program. Learn more about Solidarity Solar here.