A suite of one-on-one conversations,
focusing on the power of innovation, people, and stories. 

Focused on innovation, the “EDP Innovation Series” is a web series that creates the ideal conditions to respond to some of the biggest difficulties faced by startups.

Over 5 episodes, he will gather around the same table CEOs / Leaders in the innovation sector and startups from the EDP Ventures portfolio, in conversations that trigger brief but powerful orientations for the future.

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Episode 1 

How to get funding 

In the first episode of this series, Geoffrey Vancassel and António Vidigal discuss funding and tell us why this is an important - and necessary - aspect for all startups, whether at an initial or more advanced stage. Watch the episode to find out where and how to get funding, as well as the right time to apply for it.


António Vidigal (EDP) 

António Vidigal is the CEO of EDP Inovação.

He has a diversified professional experience, focusing mostly on Innovation, Telecommunications and IT Systems, and Energy Systems. In 1991 he became one of the founders and CEO of Edinfor, at the time the largest IT company in Portugal, as well as an Executive Committee member at Optimus and the Chief Executive of OniWay. 

Geoffrey Vancassel (Sterblue) 

He is the CEO and co-founder of Sterblue, a startup that develops software for drones with the aim of inspecting power lines, wind turbines and other industrial infrastructure, and which took part in the EDP Free Electrons acceleration program in 2018. 

Geoffrey is passionate about energy issues and the implementation of energy-efficient industrial solutions. 

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Episode 2 

How to scale your business 

In this episode Cristina Fonseca and Ricardo Costa talk about more than simply growing your business; they discuss the product maturing process, how to create the perfect plan for your company, and how to find the right people (team) to execute it. Watch the episode and find out how your business can conquer the world. 


Cristina Fonseca (Indico Capital) 

Cristina Fonseca graduated in Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico with a major in Artificial Intelligence, and was one of the founders of the startup Talkdesk - a platform that allows companies to create their call center in Cloud, and which was the third company in Portugal to reach 'unicorn' status. 

She is currently a Venture Partner at Indico Capital Partners, where she invests in tech startups and guides them through the product development and launch process. 

Ricardo Costa (LOQR) 

Ricardo Costa is the founder and CEO of LOQR, a startup that provides security solutions for the management of digital identities, and which took part in the EDP Free Electrons acceleration program in 2018. 

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, he began his professional activity in the financial sector back in 2001, and was a senior researcher in a leading project that combined Artificial Intelligence with Privacy, Security, and Identity Management.

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Episode 3 

How to fuel innovation today 

Innovation is not a hobby, it's a full-time job full of stimuli and experiences in which everything can happen very fast or take its time. Featuring Tim Kock and Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, this episode discusses all this and much more. Watch the video and find out why the key to success is to determine a clear purpose for what is being innovated. 


Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho (ISEG) 

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho served as Chief Executive for Economy and Innovation at the Lisbon City Council for seven years and helped create the Lisbon entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. 

With more than 20 years' experience in consulting, teaching and training projects, he is the founder of IF Insight & Foresight, a consulting company that combines Foresight Analysis, Strategy and Innovation to create lasting gains and meaningful experiences for people and organizations. 

Tim Kock (Jungle AI) 

Tim Kock is the founder of Jungle AI, a startup that specializes in Artificial Intelligence and the development of predictive maintenance projects, and which took part in the EDP Free Electrons acceleration program in 2018. 

With a degree in Economics, Management, Statistics and Finance from the University of Warwick, he is fascinated by emerging technologies and, as such, he is actively involved in R&D. 

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Episode 4 

How to build a winning team 

Specific skills dedicated to particular roles within an organization, paying attention to soft skills, and having the drive and flexibility to change in order to grow with the company - these are some of the topics that Manuel Tânger and Marcel E. Smit address in this episode. Watch the video and find out how to build a successful team. 


Manuel Tânger (Beta-i) 

As an expert in innovation, business models, Design Thinking and Lean Startup, Manuel Tânger is one of the founders of Beta-i, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Portugal, and which is a partner of EDP's Free Electrons and Starter Acceleration Program.  

With a master's degree in Physics, he started his professional career as a CRM designer and manager at a consultancy firm. He has lived in such different countries as China, Brazil, India, the Netherlands, Italy and Canada - decisive experiences in building his career. 

Marcel E. Smit (Energyworx) 

He is the CEO of Energyworx, an energy data management platform that took part in the EDP Free Electrons acceleration program in 2019. Marcel E. Smit is passionate about building big teams, designing corporate strategies, and implementing market entering plans. 

Over the past 25 years he has worked in the global corporate software market and served as CEO in several young and fast-growing companies in Europe and the US. 

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Episode 5 

How to tell a story

More than providing information about a product, companies must create an emotional connection with the consumer. In an episode dedicated to the art of storytelling, Rita Nabeiro and Luís Oliveira share their own stories. Watch the episode and give your business a happy ending. 


Rita Nabeiro (Adega Mayor) 

With a degree in Communication Design from Faculdade de Belas Artes, her professional career began in 2005 at an advertising agency. Two years later she joined the family business - Grupo Nabeiro - at Delta Cafés' marketing department. 

When Grupo Nabeiro started investing in wines, Rita Nabeiro became the head of Adega Mayor's marketing department and, in 2012, she was appointed the company's Chief Executive. 

Luís Oliveira (Efficenzy) 

Luís Oliveira is the CEO of Effizency, a platform that champions energy efficiency to boost corporate competitiveness and innovation - a spin-off of an EDP Comercial project.   

Luís Oliveira is passionate about energy and the adrenaline of solving challenging problems. He started his professional career at EDP as a developer of technical and business models aimed at energy efficiency. 

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