EDP joins European initiative to fight climate change

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EDP joins European initiative to fight climate change

Thursday 13, December 2018

The group will have an active presence at the COP24, which is happening in Poland, taking as central themes sustainable mobility and renewable energies.

EDP joined the Initiative Step Up Now EU, a European climate change movement supported by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which will be launched today at COP24 in Poland. The group is thus active in the conference again, with a focus on sustainable mobility and renewable energies, also taking part in debates and high-level decisions.

The Initiative Step Up Now EU will accelerate efforts to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050, bringing together partners from different areas of society who already have ambitious strategies and goals in this area. EDP will be one of these partners who are committed to strengthening the response to climate change, creating a joint vision and demonstrating the concrete actions that have been taken and which they intend to develop. Such commitments show that EDP adjusts its strategy in order to contribute to sustainable development goals (SDG), including climate action (SDG13).


"The energy sector is a key partner in achieving a climate-neutral economy. Europe has the skills, the technology and a society that is looking for more and more clean energy solutions. European leaders and society have a responsibility to adopt a framework that promotes the investment needed to reach a carbon-free world. We need to act now. And we, the utilities, will continue to contribute", says António Mexia, president of EDP, about joining the Initiative Step Up Now EU.

The Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24), which will take place until tomorrow in Katowice under the Polish Government's presidency, focuses on issues in which EDP has been deeply committed, including sustainable mobility - and, in particular, electric mobility - and renewable energies. In the last decade, the group has sought to lead in these areas through the development of solutions and partnerships.

EDP will be present in different forums of COP24, namely as a speaker in the debate organized by the Dutch Government with the motto Getting the transport sector on the fast track. EDP will also take part in different meetings and events, such as the presentation of the preliminary results of the Carbon Neutrality Roadmap in Portugal in 2050, which will be attended by the Minister of the Environment and the Energy Transition.

The group will also participate in the presentation of the Energizing Finance report of the SEfor ALL, organization under the chairmanship of António Mexia, in the thematic meetings of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and in the disclosure of the study of the transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) Decarbonising transport by 2050 with EDP contributions. The group was also involved in the New Energy Solutions project, created by the WBCSD during COP24, which aims to develop technologies that will contribute to reduce emissions in different industries.

In addition, through the WBCSD, EDP supported the joint statement, the Polish Presidency's initiative, Driving Change Together - the Katowice Partnership for e-mobility, and a statement, through Eurelectric, advocating the application of clear rules in carbon markets.

The presence of COP24 reflects, once again, EDP's commitment in contributing to a collective response to the major global challenges. The conference takes place in a country where EDP has been investing in renewable businesses, being one of the main promoters, currently operating 418 MW of wind power and solar power.