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EDP Comercial closes half of the stores and keeps the rest with restricted service

Sunday 15, March 2020

Customers should favor the use of digital media, and stores and exclusive agents that remain open will have restricted service and limited entry in order to prevent any potential risk of contagion.

As of this Monday, March 16, and in the context of the preventive measures that are being taken to significantly reduce social contact in the context of the pandemic COVID-19, EDP Comercial will close half of its stores and exclusive agents, for undetermined time. EDP Comercial has 41 stores and 25 exclusive agents in total. The stores and exclusive agents that will be operating will have restricted service and limited access by customers. The list of stores and exclusive agents that will remain in operation for now will be available at edp.pt.

In order to reinforce these protection measures for customers, partners, and employees, EDP Comercial is asking for the collaboration of all its customers to give preference to the use of digital media. Through the edpOnline area - via mobile or desktop application - it is possible to send readings, clarify doubts, consult invoices, manage changes to the contract and still adhere to the electronic invoice. The toll-free number 800 10 53 53 can also be used to send readings.

EDP Comercial customers can also clarify any doubts without having to go to stores, by consulting the customer area at edp.pt. On the website, in addition to Frequently Asked Questions platform (FAQ), they also have the contact form and the virtual assistant who in a simple way answers the questions asked.

EDP thus seeks to contribute to reducing the risk of contagion without compromising its ability to respond to the needs of its customers. The updating of these contingency measures will always depend on the evolution of the outbreak and on the recommendations of the public health agencies that EDP is constantly monitoring.