Powered by Imagination


Powered by Imagination

There is an extraordinary energy in the imagination of those who have been with EDP for the best cultural, music and sport events.

Throughout the world, we celebrate the energy of inspiration, empathy and creativity with our stakeholders.

In Portugal…

...we were present at the best summer festivals of 2017, around the country, from north to south. Our energy is never exhausted and we are already set for the starting shot of the best Iberian marathons.

Learn more on the EDP Portugal website.

In Spain…

...EDP believes that blindness should not be an impediment to practicing sports. That is why  EDP invites all racing fans to share their energy on an online platform that pairs blind runners with guide runners. We hope everyone who wants to can live the thrill of a marathon.

In Spain, there is also a campaign for all those who want to run for a number tag to become EDP clients.

Learn more on the EDP Spain website.