Air Quality
Making the air we breathe purer

Between the first and last breaths, air is crucial to life on Earth. The oxygen that plants give off and which most animals breathe in is crucial to all living beings. But the air we breathe is constantly under threat from pollution, whether natural or anthropogenic. Improving air quality in cities and countries is paramount to protecting the health of populations, the balance of ecosystems, and the sustainability of our planet.

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Did you know that nine out of ten people around the world live in places where air quality does not meet the minimum standards advocated by the World Health Organization?

Now or Never

A podcast that discusses the present and seeks solutions for a more sustainable future

  • Catarina Barreiros

    Graduated with a major in Architecture and with a master's degree in Management, she was a fashion stylist and worked in Digital Marketing, in a luxury product company, and in a pharmaceutical company. The documentary Cowspiracy and a conference on Zero Waste generated the first concerns with sustainability. She created the blog Do Zero and today seeks to live with the minimal ecological footprint possible.

  • Francisco Ferreira

    With a degree in Environmental Engineering from FCT-NOVA, where he is currently a professor, Francisco Ferreira is a researcher at CENSE and his work focuses on air quality, climate change, and sustainable development. He was vice the president and president of Quercus, as well as a member of the National Council for Water and the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development. He is currently President of ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável (Association for a Sustainable Terrestrial System).

  • Ana Paula Mesquita

    She has a degree in Environmental Engineering from Aveiro University, where she later earned a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Pollution. She has worked with the Regional Directorate for the Environment, the Portuguese Environment Agency, and the General Environment Supervisor. She has been working with EDP Produção's Sustainability Department since the year 2000.

Generation Zero

A web series that highlights Portuguese families with inspirational sustainable practices

The Palrão family has always lived in the hustle and bustle of the big city. It was in Lisbon that they built their careers - Pedro owns a design and technology company, in addition to dedicating himself to the fine arts, while Catarina is a communication consultant and a art historian. And it was in Lisbon that they formed a family: Benjamim is five years old and Flor is just over one. But then came the pandemic, and suddenly the big city felt small, suffocating. And they started fancying the idea of moving to the countryside. After the first lockdown - which they spent outside Lisbon - they made a decision: the Palrãos moved to Casével, in the Santarém area, and the concrete forest was replaced by a real forest, where the little ones can grow up with more freedom and in close proximity with nature. And where they can breathe better air. Have you ever thought about changing your life, in search of better Air Quality?